We Are The People Of The Night #033 ─ Radiothérapie

Radiothérapie is one of the many coming upstarts on our radar. Born in the late 80s, he grew up under the heavy influence of synthesizers. His musical journey brought the german fella to collaborations with Thomas Gandey (Innervisions / Kompakt), releases on labels like AEON Audio, infamous Ritter Butzke Studio, Several Definitions “Recits de Mars” or belarus based “Bullfinch”. Clubs such as Sisyphos in Berlin, Harry Klein and Bahnwärther Thiel in Munich, Voodoo in Tel Aviv oder his beloved homebase MS Zufriedenheit in Würzburg clattered already to his electronical selections. Now he is with us for one hour of power. Et ludos incipere!

More Info ─ @radiotherapie

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