Osunlade – Homeless

One of the best sets this week. And yes this week is just about to start but we just wanted to make this clear. Deepish and powerful sounds perfectly combined by Osunlade. Since his 2011 Top-10 single Envision Osunlade gained significant fame across Europe and the USA.

an just complete with the previous ‘Home’ Mix

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PREMIERE – T.M.A – Bukka White (Tony Casanova Remix)

jeeeez let the sun shine in your heart with that beauty.

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Release date: 15.08.2016.

As beautiful hot days of summer continues and Submarine Vibes has yet another perfect release lined up.
This time, it’s German trio T.M.A with their EP called Bozeman.
Talented Berliners, T.M.A. crafted three original mixes and they all are full of beautiful melodies, perfectly blended soft atmospheric sounds and charming summer grooves.
Bozeman is a stunning track with classic catchy bassline wonderfully mixed with positive summery synths and pads. Second track is called Beale Street and it’s a majestic pure deep house piece with an addictively good drive. Last original piece is Bukka White and it’s a beautiful track with catchy and charming piano riffs.

The first remix is done by BroFi, also two brothers who presenting their new fresh alias with this remix. One of the project members is also part of well-known duo Hanne & Lore. They’ve done a remix of Beale Street, more stripped down version yet full of exciting sounds and voices.

The second remix comes fromBerlin-based Tony Casanova. Bukka White is the track he remixed and it’s safe to say that Tony delivers his stunning and groovy interpretation of the track.

Whether it’s a beach or boat parties, sunny terrace gatherings or even dance floors of the night club Bozeman EP is simply packed with those wonderful summer vibes and pure house grooves making it perfect for almost any occasion.

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Selectors Podcast 007 – Andy Votel

stunning mix. tune in

This is was Selectors say:

In the first week of September we’re heading to the beautiful scenery of Tisno, Croatia, to celebrate the first edition of Dekmantel Selectors. In the run up to the festival, we’ve launched a new temporary podcast-series where we invite ten of our selectors from the festival to dig deep in their unique collections. The idea behind the mix is to create a Time Document, focusing on a specific period of time with the artist being free in choosing this period. This period could in fact entail anything: a certain decennia, the time he or she fell in love, The Cold War, November ’92 – March ’93, or the rise of Nigerian music. It’s up to the Selectors to choose and tell us a story based on their music collection.

Our next Selectors Podcast is created by the UK based Andy Votel, who we’ve been admiring for the work he has been putting out with his highly anticipated Finders Keepers Records. 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of the renowned label, a seemingly tireless imprint which at this point has archived a wide array of psychedelic, jazz, folk, funk music and more from over six decades and across forty different countries. As a co-head of the Finders Keepers operation, Votel (who has also enjoyed a long, prolific career as a DJ and producer) brings a similar passion for disparate sounds to his sets, full of exotic tracks you’ve never heard before and will likely never hear again.

Votel’s love for Turkish records is a well-known thing, and his connection with the country is a truely special one. Votel: “I first discovered Turkish psych in a Dusseldorf bookshop in the late nineties, and was amazed by the loud fuzz guitar which I later learned was a Saz. Since then I have been fascinated with the nations truly alternative approach to pop-music via psych, funk, electronics, surf and disco as well as their total genuine independence from the Western music industry.”

Altough his love for this music is a well-known thing, he has never made a mix that fully consists of Turkish. Until now. “I spent a lot of time searching for heavy prog, but after introducing the work of Selda to the wider world via our Finders Keepers label, my obsession with the Turkish female vocals and synthesizers has become more of an unwanning obsession than a passing penchant. Various magazines and festivals have asked me to do a Turkish Mixtape over the years, but his finally seemed like the right opportunity. I’ve been waiting years to do this mix, so it’s very close to my heart.”

Votul continues. “The mix is called ‘To The Davul A Daughter Vol.1’ and consists of two hours of exclusively obscure ‘Anatolian Femme Funk’. This mix is also dedicated to the people of Turkey who have shown major enthusiasm and encouragement in Finders Keepers activities, via both record digging and parties, which remains globally unrivaled to me. The recent tension and hardships the country has had to face will never destroy the spirit of a nation which continues to dance to the unshakable beat of its own Davul.”

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Andreas Henneberg – Rounick

killer track
Download Full Compilation: http://bit.ly/DHcompilationmp3

This is what Desert Hearts Records has to say:

We’re extremely excited to release our very first Desert Hearts Records Family & Friends compilation. Alongside some of our favorite international DH veterans like Andreas Henneberg and Latmun, the compilation really highlights some of our best producer friends who’ve been the backbone of the Desert Hearts movement since the very beginning. These guys have been putting in work for years and this is their moment to shine. We’re so proud of every single artist on this comp and can’t wait for the world to hear what they can do. From slamming Tech House & Techno to spiritually influenced Deep House, these 12 tracks have it all. Every single song on here was made to crush the floor. We know it’s just a matter of time before you fall in love with our wonderful family & friends.

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