Javi Bora – You Know

Javi Bora - Weapons EP
Javi Bora – Weapons EP

Underground Audio have announced the imprints latest release, Javi Bora’s ‘Weapons’ EP.

‘Weapons’ sees a cascading low end masterfully evolve into a modulated bass pattern over the course of the record, the mounting tension provided by rolling snares and disguised vocal cuts. Catalan producer Piem provides a skilfully contrasted remix with undulating layers easing in and out of the mix. ‘Whoop Whoop’ weaves together crisply saturated drums with warped vocals, whilst ‘You Know’ rounds off the EP with classic tech-chords enriched by organic percussion elements.

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Julia Govor & TMZ – The Probability EP

Julia Govor & TMZ - The Probability
Julia Govor & TMZ – The Probability

As Russia’s greatest exports in underground dance music, Julia Govor and Tripmastaz join forces to deliver ‘The Probability’ EP featuring the tripped out and ethereal techno cut ‘Equals Tree’.

Under his TMZ alias, Tripmastaz takes on a more techno-leaning motif to complement Julia Govor’s moody and evocative sound profile. Their debut collaboration shines with enveloping textures and an infectious rhythms, showcasing their talents with an expertly crafted production.

‘The Probability’ EP marks the first otting for both Julia and TMZ on Pan-Pot’s Second State imprint. It also features two more originals from the pair, including the breakbeat leaning ‘1-’ and the hard-hitting ‘Plus Two’.

The digital release is out now, while the 12” will be released May 12.

A1: 1-
A2 : Plus Two
B1: Equals Tree

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Danito & Athina – Tetris (Miyagi Remix)

Danito & Athina - Tetris
Danito & Athina – Tetris

A Remix EP on Crossfrontier Audio family: Danito & Athina – right in time for Spring.
The duo who’ve made headway with their Fire, Hydra and Losing Time EPs on CFA in the last year alone, have continued their output in the studio and have produced even more heat on lauded labels, which certainly give us a rich choice of tracks to be remixed – so we found you a few artists that match their energy and give off their own vibes, including a few debuts, and don’t worry, they still bring the ruckus…
Opening up the 4 track EP is Miyagi’s fantastic take on Tetris, a choice selection over the summer for many DJ’s, the SoSo, Einmusika & Katermukke stalwart goes in and gives us a rumbling banger for a debut on Crossfrontier Audio.
Having made a stellar entrance with us last year, Stereo Underground gives us his signature outer space feel with his climatic touch up of City Lights, colliding the harmony of the vocals over the pounding rhythm.

ARTIST: Danito & Athina
TITLE: Remixed
LABEL: Crossfrontier Audio
CAT #: cfa059
RELEASE DATE: 2017-05-01

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Dorsi Plantar – You’re Solid As Fuck

Dorsi Plantar - You're Solid As Fuck
Dorsi Plantar – You’re Solid As Fuck

For the fourth release of the Washington-based label Better Listen, it’s Dorsi Plantar with his ‘Everlast’ EP. After a smooth debut on Kyoku Records, feel free to now tune into the gems from the A-side of the wax “You’re Solid As Fuck”. This afro-latin and jazz-infused cut will surely get you groovin! Enjoy

Release date: 19th May 2017
more information at WWD

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Portable Sunsets – Order

Portable Sunsets - Order
Portable Sunsets – Order

Portable Sunsets is the project of artist and electronic music producer Peter Segerstrom based in Brooklyn, US. He previously released his full-length album ‘Bless’ on Atomnation, an LP as ‘Surfing’ on 1080p and another Portable Sunsets LP on Deadelus’ Magical Property label. ‘Order’ is the follow up of these records and is a dreamy, somewhat lo-fi experimental techno LP.

Combined with an ancient ambient undertone, ‘Order’ is not loosing its club ready vibe. This record floats somewhere between laid-back warehouse techno and the electronica genres – very much representing a unique style: Peter often uses his own voice in his productions, programmed through self-created synths in MAX/MSP. Vocals have become textures and are used as a synth, pad or soundscape. The combination of genres makes ‘Order’ a perfect record to dream away on at home, as well as to dance to in clubs.

Out May 19th on a 2LP vinyl – order ‘Order’ at AtomNation

a1 Trust Fall
a2 Hyperstability
a3 Vega

b1 Cruise Control
b2 Tract
b3 Spree

c1 Time Freaks
c2 What Wave
c3 Native

d1 Semiformal
d2 Millionth
d3 Believe

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Deetron – DoubleSix Takes Vol. 1

Deetron - DoubleSix Takes Vol. 1
Deetron – DoubleSix Takes Vol. 1

Swiss purveyor, Sam Geiser aka Deetron, delivers his first double pack EP on his label Character: ‘DoubleSix Takes Vol.1’. The 5-tracker across two slabs of vinyl is the producer’s round-up take on house music as it stands today, from the hands and ears of a well-medalled and highly fielded DJ.

Having carved a long-standing reputation in both the techno and house worlds, Deetron exposes another slice of his soul here. Utilising soul, funk and hip-hop production techniques, the tracks are built on sampled material, much in the vein of his earlier and heavily charted tracks ‘Orange’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Silence’. Derived from recordings and other noises, voices and sound sources, the samples are then craftily manipulated, processed and layered to piece different parts – bass, percussion and so on into one original sonic universe.

The opener, ‘I Got To Have You’ features a loopy vocal sample that builds towards a delicious moment of disco in the breakdown – a throwback for the dancefloor – but not too long – what a tease! ‘Take Me Higher’ takes things up a notch, contrasting a clean bass signal with a distorted lead while an infectious female vocal lifts up the curve. Wrapping up the first package is ‘The Grand Cruiser’: its sluggy almost sleazy, low-end and sideways groove over a steady beat makes it an off-kilter and memorable character indeed.

‘Supper in Casa Blanca’ immediately paints an exotic scene with shakers and a tinkling can dancing to a chance encounter with expressive synth work and a beating heart. Signing the EP off is ‘Blues’, a hyper-smooth, jazzy galaxy ride filled with vintage suave – Don’t let nobody take the blues away!

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Supernova – Back In A Minute (Mathias Kaden’s Just In Time Remix)

Supernova – Back in a Minute (Mathias Kaden’s Just In Time Remix)
Supernova – Back in a Minute (Mathias Kaden’s Just In Time Remix)

Supernova, the Italian pair consisting of ‘Emijay’ Nencioni and Giacomo ‘G.O.D.I’ Godi are one of the constants in the international house music scene. They release on their own label ‘Lapsus Music‘ as well as big labels like Elrow Music, 8bit and Stereo Productions, and now prove why they’re at the top of their game once more.

Now they’re coming up with their new EP ‘Entitled The Game’.

Up first, ‘The Game’ is a rock solid roller with turbulent acid lines buried deep in the mix. Twinkling melodies rain down the face of it and the whole groove is bulky, heavy and hard to ignore. After various breakdowns it keeps on kicking and is sure to make a big impact on the floor. Then comes ‘Back in a Minute’ that makes things even more tough and kicking with some freaky vocals layered in for extra pow, while the ‘Club House Mix’ of the same track, is more loose and lively, with gooey and elastic bass driving the thing along uninterrupted for six sizzling minutes.

Vakant main man and Watergate star Mathias Kaden then remixes the same cut and flips it into a silky smooth house cut filled with energy.

Release Date: May 5th, 2017
Get more info at EG

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