Ryan Elliott Essential Mix BBC Radio 1 (May 16, 2020)

1. Levon Vincent – Back To The Grind [Novel Sound]
2. DJ Jes – Fight The Feeling [Immigrant]
3. Callisto – Can’t Wait [Guidance]
4. Drivetrain – Get Up [Soiree Records]
5. Omar – Benefit (Kai Alce Instrumental / Elliott Edit) [People Of Earth]
6. The Dance Federation – New Generation (Mikey James Mix) [Obsessive House]
7. Arkajo – Tape 17 [Arkajo]
8. Bruce Ivery – Lulu [Grimy Trax]
9. Biemsix – Chemistry (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Symbolism]
10. Unknown Artist – Ma Wonder [VWV]
11. Schatrax – Dancin’ [Schatrax]
12. G.O.D. – Shake It Up (Evan Baggs Edit) [Nice ’N’ Ripe]
13. DJ Rush – Freaks On Hubbard [Pro-Jex]
14. Ultra Nate – Found A Cure (Mood II Rascal Search Dub / Elliott Edit) [Strictly Rhythm]
15. Fix – You’re Mine [Clubstitute]
16. Oni Ayhun – OAR004-A (Elliott Edit) [Oni Ayhun]
17. Marcel Dettmann – Del2 [Unreleased]
18. Abuser – Abuser 02-B1 [Abuser]
19. John Tejada – Antithesis (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Sino]
20. Slagmann – Phase 9 [Talismann]
21. Smokey Bubblin B – Be Real [Four40]
22. Manix – Pull Up Tune (Elliott Edit) [Reinforced]
23. Mr. G – Bands Tight [RSD]
24. Wishdokta – Bannana Sausage (Joy Orbison Edit) [Kickin]
25. Lovelace, Kemi & Amox – Copencabana [MIS]
26. Seb Vontobel – Strong [Explicit]
27. The Dance Federation – I Believe (Mikey James Raw Mix) [Obsessive House]
28. Sultans Of Sound – Perish [Absolut]
29. The Specialist – Diffusion [Makin’ Madd]
30. Falcon Black Ops – Nine [Unknown To The Unknown]
31. Fjaak – Breath [Fjaak]
32. Inverted Reality – This Is Real, Understand [Unreleased]
33. Gary Martin – Berlisque (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Teknotika]
34. Terry Francis & Ricardo Afonso – Rhythm Spirit [Hallucination Ltd]
35. Laid – Punch Up (Wozsonik Vokz Remix) [Syam]
36. Ryan Elliott – Get To You [Faith Beat]
37. LB Dub Corp – We Are Going Home [Mote Evolver]
38. Schatrax – Coral [Schatrax]
39. Ebende – Bang! [Aniara]

When I first started DJ-ing I was influenced most by the music of my hometown. But second to that, I was obsessed with UK dance music and club culture. I bought every DJ magazine. I listened to every Essential Mix. So when I found out I was going to do the mix, I wanted to put a special focus at certain points on UK dance music – because after all this is for Radio 1.

It was important to me to create a peak time club set because that is what I’m missing most right now. I wanted to give a snapshot of what you would hear if you heard me in a club today – all the different styles of dance music mixed together.

I only call out 4 “Elliott Edits” in the tracklist because those are the ones I changed the most and have played many times in clubs. But actually every track on this mix is edited. Like putting together a puzzle except you can change the shape of the pieces slightly to tell a smoother, more concise, story.

In the “Mix CD” days, DJ’s approached a mix with the same amount of time and effort as an album. When I do a mix like this (or my Panorama Mix, or my Fabric CD) I hold myself to those same standards, and I hope you can hear that within.

Thank you for listening,

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