Premiere: Sailor & I, Ruede Hagelstein – The Life That Kills You (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)

This July, Sailor & I proudly presents his new album Diving For Lost Treasure on Get Physical’s exciting sister label METAPHYSICAL. The richly layered 10-track album of grown up indie-dance gems is “for lovers, of all ages, who are keen to explore all sides of life and who even dare enough to Dive For Lost Treasure within themselves.”

Says the artist himself, “This made me pick up my first instrument guitar, which I hadn’t played for years. Releasing a track with only a solo guitar was like going back to where I once started musically and gave me a lot of new perspectives on songwriting and producing. I realised that I had stories to tell that were important for me on a personal level. Making an album with these stories would be the ultimate way to face myself and to deal with the challenges I’ve been through most recently. I believe we managed to create a universe for the songs to exist in, where they can get older and older each year and still be sounding freshly made.”

The album finds the artist really going beyond his own limitations of being both songwriter, producer and artist. A friend Tobias Kampe-Flygare helped Sailor & I finish the productions in his studio in East London so it embodies the energy of three cities it was written in – the sleepless, hungry heart of Berlin, the busy London and the endless light of Scandinavian midsummer that is so special in Stockholm. It was made using old analogue gear with no samples and all instruments were recorded one by one, the traditional way.

We hope you enjoy this track as much as we do.

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