PREMIERE: SKALA – Tout Le Monde (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]

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Release Date: 04-11-2022

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01. SKALA – Beide Alleine
02. SKALA – Tout le monde
03. SKALA – Beide Alleine (Radio Edit)

Release Info:
A few months on since the release of her long-awaited debut solo release for the label, “Liquid Gold”, SKALA returns to SvT with “Beide Alleine” to round off what’s been a busy and decisive year in her irresistible rise.

Carving out its own singular lane at the confines of stripped-back pop melancholy and more tribal-oriented electro/techno dynamics, SKALA’s sound finds its most strikingly vivid and understatedly poignant incarnation on the title-track – here presented in both extended version and radio edit, never quite picking a side between club-readiness and abstract-leaning digressions. A compelling mix of bass-driven forge-ahead girting a heart-wrenching core of strings and acoustic piano felicity, where SKALA’s voice blooms to further impressively genuine, emotional fruition.

Low-key house number “Tout Le Monde” weaves a distinct kind of headspace for your hazy mind to wander in, just as immersive in essence as its counterpart. Repurposing the piano to sustained use throughout five minutes of loungey escapism and after-flavoured hypnagogia, SKALA beckons us onto a path of meditative serenity via a superbly textured assemblage of dubbed-out chords and crisp, post-indus rattling drums; scraping at that seemingly quiet surface of glossy envelopes to better reveal the troubled waters that flow beneath.





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