Premiere: INVŌKER – Ipanema Maneira [TAU]

And just like that TAU hit release No. 50! To celebrate this milestone what else could they do but gather up an elite squad of our closest comrades, new and old, to deliver a huge new installment of their Spektrum series. Spektrum 5 continues TAU’s quest to present the highest quality retrofuturism we can find, with an assorted cast of supremely talented artists all bringing their A-game for our beloved followers. So, here’s a breakdown of what to expect from this mouthwatering new compilation.

‘Ipanema Maneira’ from INVŌKER kicks off in dramatic style with a pensive build up. INVŌKER’s musicality is evident throughout, with the steady rise in tension timed to perfection, each additional layer of sound cultivating a spinetingling atmosphere. A sublime cut. A.C.N. brings the heat with ‘Hekima’, a wonderfully melodic track that brings us back to the emotive aspect of ourselves. Warm bass and inspiring pads take us inward, for some brief introspection, but soon the energy of the beats and the riff increase, eliciting an uplifting vibe.

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