PREMIERE: Dole & Kom – Something Quiet (Original) [3000Grad]

3000Grad is approaching 100. Here’s two old friends to warm us up for this anniversary – two gentlemen who have been blowing up dancefloors on a weekendly basis since the last century already: Dole & Kom. On catalogue number 099 the two of them showcase their remarkable skill to merge the past, the present and the future into moments of uttermost bliss. How does that work? There’s the old magic of their warm, bouncy basses and the soft tickle of their hi hats, a magic that was already conjured up at ancient tribal dances. How masterfully this is done becomes clear when you realize that you can neither resist the catchiness of these three tracks nor explain it. Finally it all sounds very fresh and young thanks to it’s modern melodies and samples. By the way, you gotta take the title of this EP, Something Quiet, with a grain of salt – as deep, fluent and melodic as it might sound, it’s really tricky to keep your feet still when listening to it.

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Release Date: 21 May, 2021
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