Penner+Muder – Heart & Sold (SIRS Remix) [Snippet]

After ‘The Long Awaited Comeback’ of/by Penner+Muder, we are now treated to ‘The Long Awaited Remixes’. And here is remix number one.
It comes courtesy of Mr Daniel Klein aka SIRS (Sounds In Real Stereo), who has made quite the name for himself amongst top tier artists in the realm of disco infused club music, with supporters including Black Coffee, Purple Disco Machine and The Black Madonna.
His remix of ‘Heart And Sold’ is absolutely true to form. Right off the bat, an irresistible groove lays the groundwork for a cheekily syncopated synth bass and echoing 80s stabs, quickly building up the track to maximum bounce. Breaking down to a sweet little vocal cut and with grin-inducing piano chords making their way towards centrestage, nothing can go wrong from here and all that’s needed is for SIRS to bring back the beats and complete this stylish crowd-pleaser.

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