Paride Saraceni – Jim’s Prophecy (Doors tribute)

Not For $ale [001]

Paride Saraceni – Jim’s Prophecy [NF$001] LO-FI
by Post Scriptum Music

It was in 2009 when Paride Saraceni envisioned his rework of the Doors’ classic ‘Light My Fire’, a project which never came to life until 2015 when he decided to create a work that would not only translate the classic rock masterpiece into a postmodern dance-floor tune.
‘Jim’s Prophecy’ is however not simply a rework of the Doors’ classic hit but a seamless collage of several of their works as well as of a 1970 interview to Morrison himself in which he predicts the future of music, from which the track adopts its title.

It is the format by which these events come to our ears that Saraceni found inspiration from, since not only Morrison predicted the advent of the one-man band surrounded by ‘machines and tapes’ but it is this statement itself a tape recording in its own right. The conceptual playfulness that this postmodern work is characterised by is given by both its content and its container, since what is being revoked by the means of this remix is both the essence of the band’s live sounds and live performance adapted to nowaday rhythms, as well as the way in which these have came together by the very means (tapes and machines) which Morrison spoke of in his interview, this last one as well being evocatively employed in the mix, making of the remixer (and in a way of Morrison himself as well – as he directs the dialogue within the track) the true one-man band in relation to and within the various fragments of time and tape-space assembled into one single recording.

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