Oli Neate presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 059

Oli Neate (https://ift.tt/2PuhMeN) presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 059

🗯🗯 How did Corona change your artist life? 🗯🗯

Despite club and festival gigs being cancelled for I was lucky enough to be in Sweden where did not have a lockdown and we were allowed to do small open-air events up to 50 people in the public parks. I and a group of friends quickly bought a generator and started with some small bi-weekly social dist-dancing. We managed to have many great days with intimate crowds in the sun most of the summer without any cases!

🗯🗯 Where did you record the mix and how did you feel? 🗯🗯

I recorded this mix from my living/ home studio where I am spending most mytime these days.

I spent the last month in South Africa with my family and I just got back to Sweden 2 days ago after some very stressful travel days.

The mix to me was like this change from the summer in South Africa to the Winter in Sweden.

🗯🗯 What are your wishes for the time after Corona? 🗯🗯

Change! Corona has definitely shown us that many industries and lifestyles are unsustainable and hopefully we soon see a change to this!

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