INCOMING : Luca Dell’Orso – Early Days #RitmoFatale

A Story of Italo Disco, Indie Dance, Slow Motion, New Wave, Breakbeat …is now starting.

INCOMING : Luca Dell’Orso – Early Days #RitmoFatale

Release date : 2022-11-30

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Based in the Netherlands, Luca dell’Orso already has a strong resume with even stronger releases : Bordello A Parigi, Red Laser Records, Italo Moderni, XXX & OOSSHA.

Each time he delivers this electrifying, bold and epic 80s inspired sound, always terribly effective. Can we dare to say this is his best work to date ? Yep.

From dark & mean grooves to some more light & carefree melodies, from perfect retro wave to the return of his impeccable pairing with Jolisa, once again full of class and elegance, these 5 tracks got it all !

On a deeper level, the Drive Fast, Break Hard EP is also self-reflective about the times we live in, life itself and thoughts about how pushing to the limit will eventually lead to a breakdown.
As Luca said : Basically you just can’t cheat life, like Steely Dan sang in ‘Glamour Profession’ ‘living hard will take its toll’.

These thoughts can be heard throughout the powerful and dramatic intensity delivered in the title track, the weird basslines and stressed out arpeggios on Life Is Intense, or Jolisa’s reflections about love and passion on Wonder.

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