HMWL Premiere: Uone – Project MK Ultra (Original Mix) [BEAT & PATH]

Australian music producer and promoter is set to release his upcoming album, “Phantom Whistler,” which promises to be a mystical and adventurous experience. “Project MK Ultra” – one of the first singles from the album features digestible melodies that are swirled around a harmonica, a trademark whistle, and a vocal discussing past wrongs done by those in power. The album’s opening track, “Universal Wisdom,” sees The Phantom Whistler acting as a medicine man, imparting spiritual lessons amidst a lattice of synths and sounds.

The album takes the listener on a journey through the Wild West, with “Strike a Match” being a seductive track that offers a middle finger to stifling authority, with guitars dripping in chorus pedals and a fat 4/4 engine. UONE has gained a reputation as a counter-culture iconoclast, and “Phantom Whistler” promises to be an intriguing addition to his already impressive discography.

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