HMWL Premiere: Mollono.Bass – Furaha Ya Kucheza (Monkey Safari Remix)

The bittersweet essence of melancholia which Gorge extracts from The Story of the Sad Clown floods our dancing bodies with an organic intensity that is as compelling as the embryonic warmth of some carefully locked-away painkiller. Monkey Safari engage with the sounds and samples of Furaha Ya Kucheza in a playful and slightly inebriated mood, using euphoric rhythms and a full-bodied bassline to transform them into the counterpart of that first day in spring when just a t-shirt is enough, Timo Maas strips down Flamingobuletten to those elements that make Techno so good and right. As a result, the scene veteran serves us a hard, intoxicating, excessive and sweaty dancefloor delight with subtle notes of trippy hum.

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