FREEDL: Glenn Shaw – Liberty (Original Mix)

We must never let that happen to our soul, to our country.
We must never let our selfs be devided by race or color or religion.
Because in this country we all belong to minority groups,
your right to belong to this minoritys is a precious thing!

You have the right to be what you are and say what you think,
because here we have personal freedom, we have liberty.
And these are not just fancy words, this is a practical and priceless way of living.

But we must work it, we must guard everyones liberty or we can loose our own!

If we allow any minority to loose its freedom by percecution or by prejudice – we are threatening our own freedom!

And this is not simply an Ideal, this is good heart common sense…

– – –
Taken from: „Don’t be a sucker“ A shortfilm produced by the „American War Departement“ in 1943

– Stay open minded, kind and creative –

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