Foreign Guest presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 043

Foreign Guest ( presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 043

🗯🗯 How Did Corona change your artist life? 🗯🗯

Corona challenges all of us in different ways. Being locked down and realising that we are facing a fundamental crises economically and socially I got very depressed and scared. That’s why also my creativity got massively influenced by the crises. Like for most of us I suggest it took some time to adapt to the new situation. After leaving behind the depressing vibes I started again to work on my music and especially on my studio. I moved to Funkhaus and built a new space. I had enough time to built a really comfortable and professional studio and that’s why I’m more than happy now to have created Studio Balthasar where I offer Mixing and Production Services beside producing my own music. As artist I suffered but as sound engineer being part of the music production scene I got finally the chance to make the next step.

🗯🗯 Where did you record the mix and how did you feel? 🗯🗯

Of course I recorded the mix live at Studio Balthasar. Good acoustical treatment and loud speakers made it possible the get at least some vibes while playing. I felt happy to play a set again but on the other side you always start to remember how it was to play live in clubs. I miss it.

🗯🗯 What are your wishes for the time after Corona? 🗯🗯

I just hope that the corona crises won’t eliminate too many venues and artists of our scene. A lot of people are struggling and I’m sure that sooner or later we gonna see rising and established venues and artists fall and quit. I hope that we will be strong enough to maintain the ambitions and to stay motivated to continue influencing our electronic music scene with music and events in the future.

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