Flight Club №30 — enelRAM

After rain comes sun. Or does it?

The pouring has stopped, but the world remains wet. Only different shades of grey and white linger around where you’d wish for a blue sky and rays of warming sunlight. Stiff breezes complete the picture and so you turn away from the window and just close your eyes.

After exercising your imagination muscles for the past months, nothing easier than to fancy yourself relaxing in that comfy hammock on that beautiful beach. No plastic bags or bottles in sight. The only dolphins are the ones having fun off the coast. The heat is moderate and from a tiny shack just a stone’s throw away from your meditative shady place some soothing summer sounds complete the picture.

But wait, this can’t be the local island radio, you know their sound and it would come close to a revolution if they’d play something different than these same old steel-drum-elevator-jams. Well, darn it! This means you have to leave your coziness and go look who’s pumpin’ these grooves out into the bay. As you come closer you realise, there’s a little daytime dance going on and it’s actually enelRAM on the decks.
Her selection gets you moving immediately and there’s only one thought behind your dusky eyes:

“Why can’t this be real?”

No worries. It can be.
We just have to collaborate.
Tomorrow is possible.

(@dyscotheque | @nice4what)

Photo credits: @deinBollek

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