Fejká – “Endless Twilight” for RAMBALKOSHE

How are you? No, seriously, how are you? Do you feel the way you thought you would feel a month ago, or do you not feel good at all, but realize there’s no other option? Maybe you hadn’t imagined anything in the first place but now you wish you had, or you feel neither good nor bad as those two words can’t really describe the way you feel. What is the thing that has changed but which you would rather keep the same way, and vice versa? What have you been missing the most from your life from before the pandemic and what will you never ever miss again? What has lost its meaning and what has acquired a new one? What have you decided to do once the lockdown is lifted for good, and when and where will you travel to when the planes start to fly again? How pleasant have these days been for you, or to what extent do you think they should never have occurred in the first place? There are always more questions than answers but everything seems a little mixed up right now. Anyway, today’s is the last Monday of spring, and we are publishing @fejka’s set, the 83rd out of 100 mixes that will be created for the “homard” project, which we hope to unveil to the world next year.


illustration by: Khoren Matevosyan

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