Elif – HOW I MET THE BASS #230

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Q: What a huge storyteller. Guess you could have mixed 300+ tracks. So why did you choose these tracks now and what did they mean to you once and still mean to you today?

A: Thank youuu! I have been a fan of this brilliant podcast series for some time and it’s a huge honor to be invited. So, yes, it was a big process to record this mix, a very special one for me, especially to decide on which tracks I wanted to include in it. And the thought process behind it. I think I can say that I have never put so much thought in another mix I have recorded. The story of How I Met The Bass definitely received very special attention from me. I tried to include as many influences as I could, but like you said, I could easily make a 10 hour mix. The elimination process happened with the flow of the story, and obviously I had to leave out so many other amazing tracks that shaped my musical understanding today. But these are still a good representation of my musical influence and I am happy with the journey I created.

Q: How would you describe your own musical development since you first got in touch with Electronic Music?

A: It is very similar to me, how I am as a person, I would say. Changing and evolving all the time, while keeping the very core of it untouched. A little bit like having that something special that hits the spot in common in so many different forms.

Q: What projects are you currently working on and what can we expect from you soon?

A: I am obsessively and enthusiastically working on my new label: Marginalia. I am excited to create a platform to support, nurture and develop the incredible output of the producers whose music I have been playing all over the world over the past years. The concept of Marginalia itself dates back to the 11th Century and references the wildly inventive notes, markings, doodles and sketches made in the margins of medieval books and scriptures — a place where the human imagination was free to run wild. To translate this age-old creative even witty tradition into a twenty-first century paradigm, I am looking forward to hopefully and humbly giving back to the incredible pool of artists I admire and think deserve more recognition. The first release should come around September. Non-stop touring and creating a passion project at the same time is already taking lots of my time, yet I try to also produce whenever I have the time & inspiration. So we can expect lots of fresh music!

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