Cotumo – HOW I MET THE BASS #209

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Q: Let’s get into the mood for your mix. How did you select the tracklist and what do these tracks mean to you?

A: I bought my first CD album in 1990 by the Beastie Boys. Obviously I had to start with one of those tracks and keep the vibe for a bit. From early Hiphop tunes I went on to House, Electro, Drum’n Bass, Jungle and TripHop to the end of the mix. In my youth in the 1990ies we had a small club in my hometown where I used to go dancing and hangout. It was literally an underground club in the basement of a residential building. The spot was called Rubber Club and it stood by its name. I could only afford the admission at the door and maybe one beer but stayed all night and danced my legs off. That was years before I started deejaying but it embossed my taste in small club parties tremendously. At home I listened a lot to TripHop. I never mixed one of the 30ies tracks in the mix before and it was more than fun doing it and feeling the vibe from that time again.

Q: Could you imagine playing those tracks in one of your current DJ sets?

A: Some of the tracks for sure but the D&B part obviously doesn’t fit in my regular sets but I’m keen to do a special set in a club one day.

Q: What are your plans for 2022?

A: I really miss deejaying in front of a crowd and hope we can go back embracing music live quickly.

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