Courtesy of @thoma-cher

“To celebrate summer and at same time my first EP release, I decided to give away a “secret weapon” private edit of mine. The original track is from a French singer, Veronique Sanson, pretty famous in France in the 80s / 90s for her pop song. But in the late 70’s, from a collaboration with producer Bernard Saint Paul, she came out with this fantastic slow disco funk track that very few people know about (I think). Myself, I have heard the original track by chance 1 or 2 years ago, fell in love with it and knew right away I wanted to do a serious re-work of it. Besides new arrangement, and new drums, I re-build a totally new 2 minutes intro for it to shine when Veronique’s voice comes in. Special mixing trick and mastering by my friend Benjamin L’hotelier. Here we go.”

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