B.o.T : Good Morning from Tenerife

Our ‘Good Morning from …’ Guest Mix series will explore different artists from all around the world as they take us on a journey with their distinct and unique sounds that they’ll showcase to represent their taste, surroundings and upbringing.

For our next early morning story, we’re travelling to a sprinkling of islands off the coast of Africa, where volcanic sand meets the ocean and extraordinary beauty meets cultural diversity.

Exploring this magical island with us is @wearebeansontoast, and with their expertise in combining organic melodies and digital sounds, we’re excited to welcome them to our growing global family to share their tale.

Alongside them, we venture across this charming island and all of its beautiful landscapes on the way; from its lush forests and exotic fauna, to the desolate deserts and its spectacular coastline, there’s plenty to see on the way. Sip on your café barraquitto whilst taking in the sights and sounds… Good Morning from Tenerife


– B.o.T –

Soundcloud: @wearebeansontoast
Facebook: fb.com/wearebeansontoast/

EWBO Facebook : www.bit.ly/ewboldn

EWBO Youtube : http://www.youtube.com/ewbotube

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