Anselmus presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr. 275

🎶 Anselmus presents Afterhour Sounds Podcast Nr. 275 🎶

Frohes Neues ihr Lieben Afterhour Friends (Happy New Year!)

… und ganz in dem Sinne: „Ja rave, rave nur zu, Satanskind – ins Kristall bald dein Fall – ins Kristall.“ ❄️❄️❄️

Nr. 275 is a set between everyday reality and the fantastic world, like the story of Anselmus, disheveled by magic …

[Loosely based on “The Golden Pot” by E.T.A. Hoffmann]

Somewhere between ecstatic sounds and bouncy baselines, this podcast is up to mischief. Melodic tracks from blues, pop and singer-songwriter meet driving basses and hard kicks of all generic types. And still, and probably because of this, the whole thing is a well-rounded affair.

A podcast that serves all the senses and is suitable for both relaxing and dancing. Thank you, Michel, für dieses 3h-Brett!


✔️ What are your musical influences? What is your musical background?

I am influenced by the punk and metal/hardcore music of the 2000s – 2010s. Artists like Queens of the Stone Age and Placebo also had a psychedelic influence on me. I played Moby, Faithless and Pendulum CDs up and down. I listened to a lot of soul and pop in my environment. It felt like almost everyone around me used to make music. I went to open stages a lot. Once a month, I hosted a small stage at Brunnen70 for a short period of time and invited those same people. That shaped my understanding of the diversity of music, that good music has no genre boundaries. When choosing my tracks, I am attuned to 1 tempo, but I try to make the setlist dynamic.

✔️ What makes a good afterhour for you?

The people, the location and the music. Everything should happen harmoniously and without pressure. There is always a certain responsibility to check in with each other and see what the party needs. For me personally, freshly tapped beer is a hedonistic highlight for very special moments 🙂

✔️ Do you have any thoughts you would like to share about your set?
Very straight forward: Jump if u want to!


© artwork by Jim aka J.Wockenfuss ➲ contact ✉

Text by Florian El Diabolo.


✘ Anselmus (Berlin / Germany)

✘ Crew Love ❤️
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