Acid Pauli – Robot Heart – Fare Forward – Central Park 2022

Acid Pauli closed out an historical Saturday night which saw the first live music to emanate from New York City’s iconic Wollman Rink in 43 years with a masterful performance .

His set celebrates the moment, the musical history at the venue, and transported all of those in attendance from the streets of New York, to Berlin, to Burning Man, and beyond.

Walking out of Central Park at the close of his set on top of the Robot Heart Bus, the energy still high, the group encountered another art car with a party starting in the street at 59th and 5th Ave. Heard wafting through the crowd, the sentiment of “are we even in New York?” seemed unanimous.

We hope you enjoy the set, and these beautiful memories. As Acid Pauli reiterates, “the music speaks for itself”.

Photo Credit:
Peter Ruprecht

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