Acid Pauli ⨯ Viken Arman – “Journey to Inaccessible Places” @ RAMBALKOSHE

The more we live in the new realities, the harder it becomes to imagine what life would be like if the virus thing had not happened at all. It’s only a matter of time when we’ll run out of days we had planned before the pandemic, which became invisible pages in some unwritten book. We’ll then come to terms with the new days, realizing that we are going to divide life before the isolation and after it, stuck amid some incomprehensible present, a what-we-could-have-done past and the what-comes-ahead future. No matter how fast we come to terms with the fact that we need to redefine and re-plan everything, and no matter how soon we decide to abstain from planning anything at all, we are nonetheless going to have a small and insignificant feeling of regret for the days we thought were important and were going to change the way we felt and the way saw things. And those “unfulfilled days” will remain the only link between the former and future realities.
@vikenarman and @acidpauli’s six-hour set they played at @Rambalkoshe marked, in some sense, the beginning of their joint performances. They were supposed to play b2b all night long at Berlin’s Watergate club today to officially kick start the new chapter both of them were so passionate about. To celebrate such a milestone, we are publishing an excerpt from the set this unbelievable symbiosis played at Rambalkoshe a year ago and took around hundred people to a different dimension, filled with nothing but incredible and infinite energy.

illustration by: Khoren Matevosyan

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