mytripismytrip – Not my type (feat. Import Export) (Radio Edit)

Known for their outstanding live performances, Leipzig-based duo mytripismytrip debuts on Heimlich Musik with the 34th EP of the label, delivering two original mixes accompanied by remix contributions from Oberst & Buchner, GYRL, and Kris Berle.
Opening the Rest and Relaxation EP Reva’s original mix features a foundation of thriving basslines and concise lead synths, completed by an interplay of various string sections, making it the dark passenger of the EP. Not My Type is a collaboration with Berlin-based duo Import Export that creates a euphoric vibe built on vocals, heading into an unexpected climax to be complemented by a dominant chord sequence that disrupts the mesmerizing song structure.
Heimlich’s very own Oberst & Buchner go down their path of using aggressive drum patterns and 80s synths for a retro-infused interpretation of Reva while comeback-boys GYRL make a statement with a slowed-down and bouncy remix, making sure there’s enough bass on the dance floor. Kris Berle carries over the original’s vibe in her remix of Not My Type by using the vocals as the center of attraction while making use of a repetitive but vibrant composition perfectly fitted for the early morning hours.

Mixing/Mastering: Henning Riez
Artwork: Vakat

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