Dj Jauche – April 2024 – Montragsgruß Podcast

i made a Dj Mix for the lovely People of “Montagsgruss Podcast”
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Diese Woche freut es mich sehr, dass wir DJ Jauche für unseren Montagsgruss gewinnen konnten. Er ist ein DJ, der meinen musikalischen Werdegang definitiv mit beeinflusste! Seine Sets, die wir auf Kassette (bei uns hieß es Tape) hatten, liefen bei uns hoch und runter, ob in der Schule, zu Hause oder später auch im Auto. Die Zeiten waren legendär, in den man vor dem Radio saß und live Übertragungen von Partys mitgeschnitten hat. Und er war ein Teil von genau dieser Zeit!
Um so mehr freuen wir uns auch, dass er positiv auf unsere Anfrage geantwortet hat. Wir danken dir DJ JAUCHE … und euch wünschen wir viel Spaß bei seinem Montagsgruss Mix!

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Xinobi @ Melodic Therapy #165 – Portugal

*Tracklist & Interview here:

Artist Info:
Xinobi is a part of a generation that grew up within the music-blog eruption fueled by Do-It-Yourself ethics. Together with his friends and work-partners Moullinex and Mr. Mitsuhirato he gave birth to the still-growing-in fl uent Discotexas. After releasing a few solid EP’s on Discotexas as well as Anjunadeep, Frau Blau, Do No Sit, MoBlack, Radiant and Ministry of Sound, he gained real recognition among more established and well-known artists and opinion-makers, as his underground cult ampli fi ed. Further helped by releasing remixes, edits, and reworks for artists such as Joris Voorn, O Terno, Crooked Colours, Moullinex, Luca Musto, Nicolas Jaar, Toro Y Moi, Agnes Obel, Kraak & Smaak, John Grant, Kris Menace and Riva Starr, it just proved Bruno Cardoso’s ability to re-arrange amazing music into a new universe



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Institution 085: Pedro Capelossi

With a production career spanning almost a decade, Brazilian-born, Barcelona-based Pedro Capelossi has forged a distinctive sound which focuses on inventive use of atmosphere and rhythm, drawing the lines between global dance cultures without adhering to any fixed formula.

In 2023 he founded his own musical imprint REFRACTION RECORDS. Representing some of the world’s most avant-garde visual artists, designers and musicians, REFRACTION blurs the boundaries between house, techno and its closely related derivatives.

Pablo Bolivar’s Seven Villas has been a primary vehicle for Pedro’s far-reaching work, with additional projects on Nick Warren’s The Soundgarden, Madloch’s Sound Avenue, Loot Recordings, TOR (When We Dip) and Hoomidas Records. Over the years, Pedro’s tracks have been supported by names such as Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Eelke Kleijn, Pablo Bolívar, Armen Miran, Matt Darrey and Airwave.

Capelossi’s DJ performances focus on underground dub house and dub techno, deep house, minimal and downtempo. His versatility to move between different styles depending on audience and event, allows him to perform club gigs as well as festivals. He has played innumerable events both in his current home of Barcelona, as well as back in São Paulo, and, indeed, around the world.

We have been following Pedro for years now, and are honoured that he agreed to make us this exclusive guest mix, Institution 085: Pedro Capelossi!


Track List

dubspeeka – Keys147 V2 (Original Mix) [Skeleton]
Pedro Capelossi – Same But Different (Original Mix) [Hoomidas]
Pedro Capelossi – Supernova (Pablo Bolivar, Nacho Sanchez Remix) [REFRACTION]
TM Shuffle – Twentyonenights (Original Mix) [IRENIC]
Heavenchord – The Voyage (Original Mix) [Ubertrend Records]
Pedro Capelossi – Disruption (Anton Lanski Broken Remix) [REFRACTION]
Alessandro Crimi – The Space Between Everything (Original Mix) [Stately Records]
Dubfire – Swerve (Mathimidori’s Fukai Chikara Remix) [SCI+TEC]
Klartraum – Lost in Translation (Original Mix) [Lucidflow]
Monty Luke – Nightdubbing (Original Mix) [Rekids]
Philipp Priebe – Conclusions (OHM Remix) [Feuilleton]
Frank & Tony – By The End They Will (Original Mix) [Scissor & Thread]

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