The Deepshakerz – Mama Say [Moon Harbour]

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Andy BS – Lost Signals (Original Mix) [Timeless Moment – OBSCURITY]

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Hailing from the vibrant metropolis of Dubai, Andy BS makes a grand entrance onto the Timeless Moment stage, delivering a mesmerizing sonic odyssey with his debut EP, “The Sentinels”, on OBSCURITY.

The title track serves as a gateway to a dystopian realm, where haunting industrial beats intertwine with dark atmospheres, painting a vivid picture of a future dominated by robotic sentinels. With masterful precision, Andy BS crafts an immersive auditory experience that transports listeners into this surreal landscape, where the dance floor becomes a conduit for exploration and hypnosis.

Venturing further into the depths of his sonic universe, Andy BS presents “Lost Signal,” an ethereal composition that delves deeper into the shadows. Infused with pulsating plucks, ambient pads, and melodic chord progressions, this track exudes an enigmatic allure, drawing listeners into its labyrinthine depths.

With his inaugural offering on Timeless Moment’s OBSCURITY imprint, Andy BS solidifies his presence with a groove that resonates with timeless allure, leaving an indelible mark on the progressive music landscape.

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Solee – Heat | Future Romance

Dive into the enchanting realms of “Faith Healer,” where Solee introduces an irresistible combination of a ritual vocal and a powerful LFO synth hook. The track takes the listener on a hypnotic journey, drilling deep into the subconscious with its compelling rhythm and ethereal atmosphere. Solees masterful production creates an otherworldly experience, making “Faith Healer” an instant classic for those who crave sonic exploration.

“Heat” turns up the temperature with a sizzling blend of a scorching acidline and some super-catchy melodies. Solee expertly crafts an atmosphere that brings the audiences temper to a boil, creating an irresistible urge to move. The track is a sonic inferno that ignites dancefloors and generating pure heat.

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RODRIGUEZ JR. -LIVE- at Music is 4 Lovers [2023-09-24 @ Camino Riviera, San Diego] []

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