205 • FANGO

Exclusive mix by @fangodiscos
Italian DJ and producer Fango, signed to Running Back, Kompakt and Hell Yeah recordings, delivers 1h of boundless sound travel between electro, techno punk, outsider disco and ebm house. A must-listen.

Alessandro Parisi – Azot Et Ignis
Brass Knuckles – Nick Ingman (Shii Mu Edit)
Fango – Sarcosuco
Fango – Betta
The Conservatives – Loneliness
Lucretio – Gradius 
Neinzer – Flurry
Bar.ba – Campo Sportivo (Fango Remix)
Shishi – I Start to Lose Control (Fango Remix)
Patrick Cowley ‘Primitive World’ (HiFI Sean remix) FANGO DUB EDIT
Fango – Dimetrotonde
Fango – Diplodoco

FB : https://ift.tt/sbMVHzF
IG : https://ift.tt/RS8gc9m

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