Kora @ Zénon 2023 ☉ Summer Sunset Session

Allo les ami(e)s ♥

Just received the recording of this moment from the summer and in the midst of a very dynamic and energetic touring season, this is probably the set I felt most in flow with, and yet the most intimate of all, at home in the region of Mattawinie.

Now a yearly tradition, our close group of friends has been co-creating an estival celebration in the North of Québec in a village called St-Zénon. This gathering evolved so much over the years, strengthening friendships and an inspiring sense of community, healing, co-creation, love and overall total fun.

I had the chance to play on the patio of the wooden cabin on the Friday afternoon, over looking the Boréal forest. As Pachamama was dancing with us, rain, clouds, sun and stars were part of the journey while I was soundtracking the sunset with some of my favourite humans.

As I didn’t share any sets in the recent months, I feel this could capture really well summer 2023 for me, and hopefully, for you as well!

Grateful for all the Zénon family for co-creating this space and for David, Vincent & Vincent for gifting me the chance to play music in this special setting. Thanks to my love Ashlee for the cover picture.

I dedicate this set to friendship, that special family we choose, and that chooses us back.

Love to all & thank you so much for listening x


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