ENTlich am Strand <3 Lisbird @ Sisyphos // Mai 2023

Spontan bin ich auf dem Sisyphos Outdoor Floor, dem schönsten Strand Berlins, zwischengelandet um meinen Federn ein Sandbad und euch einen fluffigen Daydance zu bescheren. Ein unaufgeregter Tag zum in die Sonne blinzeln und Hüftekreisen. Das Recording steigt nach etwa einer Stunde playtime ein, weil das Aufnahmegerät erst hinterher reisen musste. Die erste Stunde sowie eure Energie behalte ich ganz behutsam in meinem glücklichen Herzen. ❤️‍🔥

bis bald

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Athlete Wippet presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 174

Athlete Wippet (@athlete-whippet / Toy Tonics)
presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 174

▌I What’s your history with music in general and DJ-ing especially?
I got into music through the guitar which tbh my parents kind of made me play as a child. It took until I was about 12 or so that I really got into it I think. i started playing in bands, mostly rock throughout my teenager years and then all sorts of other stuff once I got out of school. Production came next when I got into blending some of that organic instrumental music I’d been making with electronics and realised I could record things my self and experiment with it. I’d actually say DJing was the last piece of the puzzle for me, which I’m really glad I got into. It did make me connect with music in a new way, like an additional layer. I do love dedicating some of my time now to that way of engaging with other people’s music now, on top of making my own.

▌II What’s your favorite club and what’s your favorite festival – explain why!
If we focus on Berlin, then I’d say in summer it’s Heideglühen and in winter it’s Zur Klappe! Heideglühen just do really well with bringing on the right sounds for a sunny afternoon that can or cannot go into a long night – and the water sprinklers above the dance floor are priceless. Zur Klappe is tiny and dingy, which I love in winter, and makes for a perfect personal and unpretentious night out.

▌III Welche Künstler:in hat dich maßgeblich geprägt?
Overall and all things considered that’ll be David Bowie for me and I’d given you the same answer if you’d asked me at any point over the last 15 years I reckon. Besides his music being beautiful and unbelievably versatile, I also admire his approach of being an all-round artist with a vision that reaches way beyond music.


█ Athlete Wippet (@athlete-whippet / Toy Tonics)
IG – https://ift.tt/97Dszye
FB – https://ift.tt/mUIv36t
SPOTIFY – https://ift.tt/iOo3UxM
SC – https://ift.tt/coEC9Xq

█ UNITED WE STREAM (Berlin / Global)
FACEBOOK – https://ift.tt/milIu6M
WEB – https://ift.tt/MuEGKXi
INSTAGRAM – https://ift.tt/mZJ9cV2


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Premiere: Josh Wink – Pan Gloss [Freerange]

‘Josh Wink and Jimpster first became acquainted when Jamie was asked by Josh to remix a track from his 2009 LP When A Banana Was Just a Banana, and the favor was retuned when Josh remixed Jimpster’s Alsace and Lorraine in 2011. The pair haves tayed in touch since, cut to 2023 and we’re excited to present you with a full signature sounding Wink EP made with Freerange in mind, right in time for the summer’

Follow: @joshwinkofficial // @freerangerecords

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DCHM & MALUGI – Sonnenbank Raver

The enthusiastic response to evin dropping Sonnenbank Raver in her HÖR set in February has vividly revealed two things fundamental to humanity:
Demeaning words can be successfully reclaimed, and nostalgia serves as a powerful tool when creating a summer hit to be enjoyed by nobody on the pandemic-ridden dancefloors of 2021.

DCHM: https://ift.tt/uWcrXLo

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Bassphilia – Südpol Hamburg – 09.04. Südi-GeburstagsRave 2023

Party im Südi yeyeye! Darauf hatten wir so richtig Bock mit unseren Hamburger Feierfreunden. Als dann Sonntag früh in Wilhelmsburg mehrere Lagerhallen brannten und der Südi den Laden schließen und die Party abbrechen musste, war die Stimmung erst mal Unterkante. Wir sind trotz dickem Qualm nach HH gefahren. Dieser hatte sich bis zu unserer Ankunft auch verzogen und wir konnten glücklicherweise das Opening für die Fortsetzung des Geburtstags-Raves spielen. Nicht nur hinter dem Pult hatten wir den Spass unseres Lebens, auch den Rest des Abends haben wir ordentlich Gas gegeben in unserem Lieblingsclub 😉
Hier hört ihr einen Ausschnitt aus dem Set.

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