Oberst & Buchner – HOW I MET THE BASS #224

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Q: Let’s get into the mood for your mix. Why did you choose these tracks and how did they connect you with the bass once?

A: The mix shows our transition from rock to electronic music. It consists of tracks from Indie, ambient rock, progressive- and postrock, as well as different genres of electronica. It resonates influences that guided us from our band era 2005-2009 to electronic music. At this time we also tried to incorporate synths and synthetic drums to our post-rock projects clearly influenced by acts like Radiohead, the Notwist or John Frusciante to name a few. Maybe one realises our shift from rock to electronic music with acts like modeselektor, console or pantha du prince, who became relevant for us because they didn’t change aesthetics in terms of atmosphere of our former musical taste and outcome. Without forgetting the routes in the epic sound walls of 2010s postrock and indie hymns – from where we derive as musicians – we still try to incorporate those elements into our music.

Q: Reflecting the past 2+ years of pandemic: What did you do in this time and how did you handle lockdown and creativity in one?

A: On the one hand, the pandemic finally gave us the time to do music again, and realize a very big project like our second album „marble arch“. Since we normally both have day jobs beside the Oberst & Buchner project and the Heimlich Musik label, we finally had the freedom to get up in the morning and jam the whole day. We were not on the road at weekends so weekends where dedicated to producing music. In the first three weeks of lockdown we finished 10 remixes and an EP. Things that would have taken us a year normally. On the other hand it was hard to gain creativity for club music when clubs where closed and the most important part of clubbing, which is „being in a club“ was missing.

Q: Talking about future projects: What’s on the way, what’s coming next?

A: Up next we release a remix for Dina Summer (Kalipo & Local Suicide) on Iptamenos Records. Currently we are working on an EP with vocalists Tobias Koett and Toby Whyle, And preparing remixes for Tosca on K7! an the band Nihils.

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