Wuza Waves #076 – arkadiusz. – La hora tardía

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to arkadiusz.
Not a new name for many of you!
Totally understandable!
Through his music or afterhoursounds but also projects like the Oewerall festival.
He supports and promotes great artists in a non-commercial way through these projects!
A lot of respect from us for that!
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SC: @arkadiusz-dmytrow
FB: https://ift.tt/hmvPFl3
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Bora Bao
Insta: instagram.com/baobora/

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T-Puse & Menachem 26 – Agafay (Original Mix) ATCK035

Pre order here: https://ift.tt/56sBpYC

Coming all the way from Tel-Aviv via Istanbul, T-Puse and Menachem 26 join up for their inaugural drop on A Tribe Called Kotori with their lush and chugging collaborative debut, “Stav”. Blending in the swaying roll of classic Middle-Eastern folk with processed club artillery, the pair develop a sound that pays a honest and forward-pushing tribute to the area’s time-withstanding harmonics, throwing their all in casting a more modern light on secular musical tropes and reconfiguring them into vivid, EBM-oriented club material that lacks neither oomph nor soul, that is for sure.

Breaking the EP in, “Agafay” beckons us onto a hybrid pathway, astride tensile body workout wares and more oneiric-flavoured off-piste. As altered caravan rock riffs collide with snake charmers’ melodies, further emphasis is laid on the potent but nimble bass which coordinates the groove to correspondingly hypnotic effect. All in opaque contours and brooding trompe-l’oeil at first, “Stav” treats us to a myrrh-scented bouquet of 21st century-ready bazaar churn, switching over lithely from steel-clad sturdiness to silken oriental belly-dance sensuality, via hi-impact techno bites and graceful electro muscle. Geared up for total floor-sweeping action, T-Puse & Menachem’s maiden offering singles itself out as a precious DJ weapon, whether you opt for the opener’s quirky swagger or the lead-single’s eruptive voltage.

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Steve Bug presents Play – mixed by Mr. V

01. Sebb Junior, Karmina Dai & Mr. V – The Menu
02. Aponea – Mind
03. Hatiras & Lee Wilson – Magic Eleven (Been Waiting)
04. Demuir – Life is Simple
05. Patlok Feat. Life On Planets – Bounce
06. Gettoblaster, DJ Delon & Missy – In The House (Jason Hodges Remix)
07. Supernova Feat. Mr. V – “It’s Time”
08. Lucas Alexander – Pug Funk (John Ciafone Remix)
09. Milton Jackson – Lazy Cat
10. Steve Bug & Mr. V – Back To 95 (Cinthie’s Just A Vibe Remix)
11. Black Magic – Freedom (Dennis Quin Rework)
12. Duskope – Get It Right (Edit)

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Deep Ändi – Bajor

Immerse yourself in the world of Deep Ändi – an electronic music artist from the charming city of Jena, Germany. Deep Ändi’s music is a journey of discovery, a connection between emotions and auditory stimuli, where sound and feeling are interdependent. With no formal musical training, Deep Ändi’s unique style of sound design creates a personal and expressive sound that tells its own story.

Currently exploring the depths of modular synthesis, Deep Ändi’s music is a true reflection of his dedication and passion for sound design. One of his recent standout track “Bajor” showcases his signature sound once more.

Let Deep Ändi take you on a journey of self-discovery through his music. As praised by DJs, Deep Ändi is a must-listen for all electronic music enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the next chapter of his story, listen to Deep Ändi’s ‘Bajor’ out now in your favorite music app and stay tuned for his upcoming releases on Amselcom.

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Fairplay – Latlal (Hyenah Remix Instrumental)


Fairplay drop three remix versions of Latlal on their latest release from Zatar Music.

The original appeared on Phonique’s new label in August, and now the Jordanian duo called in some big guns to add a spin to one of the tracks of 2022.

First up is Hyenah, a resident of Watergate’s famed RISE afro house parties. The main version balances the incredible vocals of Mariem Hassan with shuffling beats and a driving groove that draws from across the African continent and beyond. With releases on Freerange, Rise Music and Watergate Records Hyenah created his own signature sound over the past years and released his debut album ‘Love In Time Of Crisis’ in 2022.

The instrumental gives more space for the production to shine – definitely one for the DJs.

Additionally the Spada remix brings in a melodic tech-house element to the track, further widening the reach of Fairplay’s essential original. Spada just founded his own label Ultimo Paradiso and gained attention with his releases on Diynamic, Anjunabeat, Armada and Stil vor Talent.

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