Nils Frahm – Lemon Day (Official Audio)

Nils Frahm – Lemon Day (Official Audio)
Taken from “Music For Animals” by Nils Frahm
Written & produced by Nils Frahm

“Music For Animals” will be released on September 23, 2022 as a 3CD and 4LP set, as well as via all streaming platforms. Pre-order now:

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Gabriel Ananda Presents Soulful Techno 113

01. Jan Wagner – Kapitel 28
02. Benjamin Damage – Monolith
03. Stoffo – Osdom
04. Damabiah – Irminsul, Le Pellier Du Monde
05. Galestian – Dreaming (Stefano Richetta Remix)
06. Kosco – Supermoon
07. Navar, Dmitry Molosh – Small Wonders (Mike Griego Remix)
08. Mike Isai – Alya
09. Lisandro (AR) – The Garden
10. 2000 and One – Wan Poku Moro
11. Gabriel Ananda, Ninsa – Glitter & Litter
12. Khetouin, Orange & Indigo – Robot Meditation (Nico Szabo Remix)

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PREMIERE: Alexander Aurel – Mother (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

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HEIMLICH KNÜLLER · Ohne Tanzen ist es keine Revolution · Lotencast

The artists behind our 20th episode is no one else than the man with the thousand faces himself – HEIMLICH KNÜLLER! [].
We are following him since a long time and became friends over the years. Many of our artist have been inspired by his way to dig, select and play. The set was recorded at TBA Club Dresden [] at the Tolerade-preparty “Ohne Tanzen ist es keine Revolution”
He is part of the well-known Bachstelzen crew [] as well as one of the minds behind Freudentaumel Collective []
Enjoy ! <3 see: HEIMLICH KNÜLLERüller-192446024136631/ BACHSTELZEN FREUDENTAUMEL hear: HEIMLICH KNÜLLER BACHSTELZEN FREUDENTAUMEL ---- Artwork: Elisa Georgi ---- Lotenheim consists of DJs, producers, artists, dreamers, builders, visionaries, thinkers, revolutionizers, pessimists, optimists and other crazy, happy and creative people from all over the world, based in Germany. Our aim is, to make the big and the small world a little bit better by creating playfull and intelligent events and mix our hedonistic lifestyle with love and politics. In our podcast-series, artists can share their music, present themselves, help us get attention for our projects and support us with this on our way to a better world.

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#108: Heimlich Knüller – Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise

Für die Ewigwachgebliebenen zum Feierabendbier, für die Frühaufsteher als Seelenfutter zum Wochenbeginn: Montagssorbet mit Laut & Luise. Alles erlaubt, was gut tut und Gedanken kreisen lässt, nur der Name ist Programm: cremig, fluffig und ganz schön weich.

War reserviert für ihn, ist er ja nicht selbst. Heißt ja auch heimlich, muss aber nicht so sein. Am Ende zählen Taten, nicht was wir taten sondern er, oder sie. Mit Felix im Gepäck. Von daher ziemlich guten, also Montag. Soll heißen: Dog day all over. Ziemlich offensichtlich und war uns vorher klar: Knüller. Also in Gänze: Hallo @Heimlich-Muller

(Intro: @Claus-Fussek feat. Greg | Foto: Julia Moebus)

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