Tigerskin | Forever | Forms & Figures

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Tigerskin – Footprints Ep
01 – Tigerskin Ft. Sarah Kim – Got Astray
02 – Tigerskin – Rush
03 – Tigerskin – Forever
Tigerskins brand new tree-tracker starts off with a collaboration with Sarah Kim. Also known as ‘Frederick’, the vocalist is part of Berlin’s music and art collective Bipølar.

Their song ‘Got Astray’ isn’t the usual club thing you might expect, instead could be best described as an emotional space hymn for the 21st century. ‘Rush’ is a beautiful and atmospheric Tigerskin future dance classic that, once again, reflects his special love for the Australian studio duo Vanda & Young. ‘Forever’ follows this path but goes a bit deeper and jazzier and in a more acoustic way. We hope you enjoy this journey as much as we do!
All tracks mixed by Stefan Janson and mastered by Salz Mastering in Cologne.

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Gabriel Ananda – Mumbai Sinner (Bootleg)

Finally after years of just playing it improvised:
Mumbai Sinner

Theres currently no download option. Its too risky for me, am sorry! I will come up with a better idea. In case you are a dj and want to play it, send me a private message on FB pls!

Its the beat from Ricardo Villalobo’s Sinner Inside remix for Depeche Mode which was rejected and A.R. Rahmans Mumbai Theme on 2/3 of the speed.

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Gabriel Ananda on tour with Ritter Butzke | at Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

Gabriel Ananda on tour with Ritter Butzke | at Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
Gabriel Ananda performing at Museum für Kommunikation Berlin
Enjoy 😉


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Fred again.. – Kyle (I Found You) [Hackney Wick station 20/11/18]

Fred again.. – Kyle (I Found You) [Hackney Wick station 20/11/18]
I was obsessed with Adam Magyar’s slow motion videos from Tokyo for a long time and then got to meet him on a freezing cold night in Berlin a few months ago. He turned up in a tank top fresh off of 9 months on his own in the Himalayas. The guy is a different one. In the most beautiful way. So I got together a bunch of friends at hackney wick station one eve not long after and we tried to make our own version. And big shouts out to all those lovelies who came! This is what we ended up with. The idea was that the video would come first and then I’d make a song to the video. So this is that. There’s one from the day time too which I’m workin on now.

Kyle was this guy who I found at an open mic poetry night and he did this unbelievably beautiful thing about meeting this girl for the first time.

Describing the bar as tho it was like a war zone of like absolute chaos.

The line ‘in this smoking chaos our shoulder blades kissed’ is as close to perfection as 8 words can get.

Kyle was also then super sweet about it when I told him I’d re pitched him into a whole damn song lol 😬🙏🤗🙏

I think let’s all be more like Kyle

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Directed by Alex Gibson & Dan Massie for www.els.tv

Video inspired by Adam Magyar 🙏🏻

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Premiere: Eli Escobar ‘FindAWay2Day’

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New York House and Disco legend Eli Escobar has been releasing music for over 20 years under various aliases as well as running incredible parties and his own label Night People.

‘FindAWay2Day’ combines a heavy hitting 808 drum work with deeply satisfying vocal samples, a beyond groovy bassline and 80s Electro-Funk galore setting up an EP that strikes the perfect combination of a modern approach to House music’s influences and a with the freedom of style and genre while never sacrificing quality.

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Midas 104 & T.M.A – Wilmas Traum [Monaberry]

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Ben Lukas Boysen – Love

Ben Lukas Boysen – Love
Taken from «Mirage» by Ben Lukas Boysen
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