The Seekers of Light Babylon at ADE 2021 – Arc of music

Hello loves,

With the slow progression of January, we decided to celebrate this day with some warm memories from 2021. Time to fill ourselves with music and hope once again!

Let’s enjoy an another set from our Arc of Music (@arcofmusic). His melodic tunes always helps us to cherish our deep feelings and create lots of smiles on our faces. This set was truly so colourful and perfectly placed during the first hours of our The Seekers of Light Babylon at ADE weekend.

Hope you enjoy this journey to go back to the moment where the music was taking over.

With love,
The Gardens of Babylon

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Koelle & Into The Ether – Fall In Time Feat. Margret (DSF Remix) [Snippet]

Koelle – Fall In Time (The Remixes) [XYZ049]
Release Date – 01.14.22
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Germany’s Koelle made his XYZ debut last year in alluring fashion. The classically trained musician out of Ingolstadt collected a stellar team on the Fall In Time EP, with vocalist Margret and producer Into The Ether each deeply involved throughout the release. After a raucous applause for the original material, we are thrilled to revisit the project with a riveting roster of remixers. As we dive into the new year. we happily present Fall In Time (The Remixes).

Greece’s DSF is at the forefront of a surging wave of modern deep house producers, blending sounds from across the international electronic spectrum. His funk-laden Fraoula EP showcased his knack for the unexpected, and we welcome him back on remix duty as he takes on the A-side. Fall In Time harnesses the original trio’s incredible brand of vocal melodic house, as Margret’s soaring chops meet DSF’s dreamy take on the melodics on this sublime cut.

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Acid Pauli & Viken Arman – Journey To Inaccessible Places Set

Acid Pauli & Viken Arman – Journey To Inaccessible Places Set
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Acid Pauli & Viken Arman – Journey To Inaccessible Places Set

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Cotumo – HOW I MET THE BASS #209

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Q: Let’s get into the mood for your mix. How did you select the tracklist and what do these tracks mean to you?

A: I bought my first CD album in 1990 by the Beastie Boys. Obviously I had to start with one of those tracks and keep the vibe for a bit. From early Hiphop tunes I went on to House, Electro, Drum’n Bass, Jungle and TripHop to the end of the mix. In my youth in the 1990ies we had a small club in my hometown where I used to go dancing and hangout. It was literally an underground club in the basement of a residential building. The spot was called Rubber Club and it stood by its name. I could only afford the admission at the door and maybe one beer but stayed all night and danced my legs off. That was years before I started deejaying but it embossed my taste in small club parties tremendously. At home I listened a lot to TripHop. I never mixed one of the 30ies tracks in the mix before and it was more than fun doing it and feeling the vibe from that time again.

Q: Could you imagine playing those tracks in one of your current DJ sets?

A: Some of the tracks for sure but the D&B part obviously doesn’t fit in my regular sets but I’m keen to do a special set in a club one day.

Q: What are your plans for 2022?

A: I really miss deejaying in front of a crowd and hope we can go back embracing music live quickly.

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Flow Sessions 074 – Budakid

For Flow Sessions 074 we are very excited to bring you the floating melodies of Berlin based DJ & producer Kevin Huizing AKA Budakid! A big thank you to for the connection.
Words from the artists: “In the moment of the unknown I am trying to guide you through a new realm of music and sound. Showing you tunes that are not only meant for the club, but also some that allow you to lay down and relax. A journey with peaks and lows, but all characterised with a gentle cinematic touch.” – Budakid


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Moby DJ anti-party/after party ambient mix

Moby DJ anti-party/after party ambient mix
I’ve made a VERY quiet, very calm ambient dj mix, ideally to serve two purposes; if you’ve had a crazy night this will hopefully be a good soundtrack to spending all day in bed(the after party dj mix). Or, if you’re like me, you go to sleep on nye at 10pm this can be a calm soundtrack to not being hungover(the anti party dj mix).. Either way; enjoy!

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The Barefoot Adventures – 25 – Uruguay


The Barefoot Adventures returns with a zoom into the rich musical history and culture of Uruguay.⁠ While virtually diving into this small but fascinating place, I came across new genres such as Candombe, Canto Popular, Uruguayan Rock, Milonga, Murga, and of course Cumbia.⁠

Digging in was an absolute treat, and it was difficult to squeeze my discoveries into a 2 hour show, but I think I just about managed it.⁠

Mixtape Narration by: @pepialgorta⁠


Alan Gómez – Recuerdos de Mi Plaza
Osiris Rodríguez Castillos – La Galponera
Julio Mora – Padre Viejo Paisano
Eduardo Mateo – Jacinta
Los Hacheros de Uruguay – Paisito
Daniel Viglietti – A Desalambrar
Alan Gómoez – Canto a Florida
Carlos Benavides – Soy Del CampoSoy del Campo
Carlos Pájaro Canzani – Aguaragua
El Kinto – El Pedido
Alfredo Zitarrosa – Pa’l que se va
Carlos Canzani – Aguaragua
Los Olimarenos – Que Sera
Totem – Caspita
El Kinto – Cielo Del 69
El Kinto – Don Pascual
Totem – Biafra
Psiglo – Catalina
Diane Denoir – Diane Denoir
Eduardo Mateo – Tras de Ti
El Kinto – Suena Blanca Espuma
Los Olimarenos – Nuestro Camino
Eduardo Mateo – El tungue le
Jaime Roos, Estela Magnone -Tras tus ojos
Psiglo – No Pregunten por Qué
Totem Uruguay – El Hombre Feliz
Limonada – Ojos Que Miran Lejos
Montevideo Blues – Pongamos Muchas Balas al Fusil
Totem – Toda America

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