Premiere: The Hunts & Jakob de Wittig – Too Weird Not To Dance (Marcus Meinhardt Remix) [Heinz]

‘After a wide range of beautiful autumn releases, Heinz Music is now ready to introduce to you a 4-track EP by the Danish artist duo The Hunts and their close friend Jakob de Wittig. Hailing from Copenhagen, these two found each other through their love for music, a partnership that has lead to many beautiful dance floor moments, and now also four fantastic tracks ready to set sail along a magnificent remix by the label boss himself, Marcus Meinhardt. 

“Too Weird Not To Dance” is the title track. A driving groove immediately catches your attention leading you towards the weird world of synths and the dark vocals. Escalating sounds twist and twirl, building up massive momentum while the heavy, purring bassline hits right where it should.

Secondly, “Ride It” picks up the pace. Elegant drum work keeps the flow of the groove funky and catchy, and when the synth and whispering vocals enter the playground you know you are in for a ride. “Pastor Sovs” builds on quirky synths and a theatric vocal element that underlines the positive atmosphere of the track. On point drums build a solid base, but it is all about the fun in this one.

“Spank For A Dime” is an explosion of energy. It’s driving and powerful bassline leads the way, while raw vocals and a savage synth is like a trip down the rabbit hole. There is just no knowing where this night is going to end. 

Marcus Meinhardt rounds up the EP with his take on “Too weird not to dance”. In a masterful showcase of molding original elements and making them your own, Meinhardt does what he does best. An enchanting and majestic tune thrills you with the longing synths and soft percussions, leading you into a fierce drop. It is a fury of emotions taking the lead, sending your soul straight into the night. 

We are beyond excited to give you this incredible EP that is bound to create some magical moments on festivals and clubs all over the globe. Enjoy “Too Weird Not To Dance EP”!’

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