Rofdcast 69 – Eda Arapaslan

Eda is a huge believer in magic, and knows music is the most powerful magician of all..She says, “Music touches everyone’s lives while inflicting love on our hearts. When you begin to see the possibilities from music, you start to desire the need to help others. Thats why I started to playing music, to share and spread my love of this “magic”. “ She was born and raised in Turkey, but currently lives in Los Angeles. When she’s not spreading love through music she’s sharing her love of culture working as a tour guide.

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PREMIERE: The Hunts & Jakob De Wittig – Pastor Sovs (Original Mix) [Heinz Music]

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Mati Casspi – Elohim (Omri Smadar Remix) [Hard Fist Rephrase Collection 57]

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> Who are you ?
Omri Smadar, a producer / dj / musician. I Live in Tel Aviv

> How did you discover this track ?
The original track is from a classic record by Matti Casspi, one of Israel’s most prolific and known artists. He was influenced by Brazilian music, and in 1978 he recorded an album of hebrew covers of brazilian music, called Eretz Tropit Yaffa (“Pais Tropical” in Portuguese)
I chose to re edit one of the lesser known gems from this album.

> Why do you choose to edit it ?
I was drone to the latin percussive groove & the vocals and simple lyrics. I felt this is such a feel-good track that can work really well on the floor.

> What are your upcoming plans?
Looking forward to the release of Adama – EP on Hard Fist in March 22!

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Acid Pauli & Horst – Verstrahlt Durch Hannelores Hain Set

Acid Pauli & Horst – Verstrahlt Durch Hannelores Hain Set
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Acid Pauli & Horst – Verstrahlt Durch Hannelores Hain Set

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Japanese City Pop, Soul and Jazz Vinyl Set

Japanese City Pop, Soul and Jazz Vinyl Set
Track List:
Tatsuro Yamashita-Dancer
Junko Ohashi-クリスタル・シティー (04:36)
Marlene-The Cheater (08:27)
Hitomi “Penny” Tohyama-Tuxedo Connection (12:26)
Toshiki Kadomatsu-I Can’t Stop The Night (15:42)
Hitomi “Penny” Tohyama-Sexy Robot (20:02)
Anri-Cat’s Eye (New Take) (23:21)
Tatsuro Yamashita-Love Space (26:30)
Noriko Miyamoto-熱い風 (30:52)
大上留利子 (Ruriko Ohgami) – ふわりふわふわ (34:43)
Mai Yamane-My Saturday Man (37:30)
大上留利子 (Ruriko Ohgami) – Sexy Woman (42:32)
Yasuha-Thinking of You (46:38)
Kimiko Kasai-Use Me (49:54)
柳ジョージ + Nadjaバンド- Dream Racer 1 (56:05)

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