Bach Wrecker & Lugubre – Karttikeya (Original Mix)- [Univack Records] [OUT NOW] 25-06-2021

Genre: Melodic Techno / Progressive

Supported by : Richie Hawtin, Don Diablo, Anii, Artche, Max Graham, Quivver, Nick Muir, Matan Caspi, Darin Epsilon, Lonya, Ziger, Max Graham, Don Diablo, Basil O’Glue, Da Luka, Rafa’EL, Amber Long, Integral Bread, Pedro Mercado, Teleport-X, Newman (I love), Lita Pita, Lemon8, Jorgio Kioris, Kiz Pattison, Adnan Jakunovic, Lorraine Roar, Avar Garden, Paul Anthonee and many more !!

French producers Bach Wrecker & Lugubre present Resonance, in their first appearance on Univack.

This duo has a very personal music style, with Melodic Techno as main genre, but with a lot of cinematic elements that imprints an special flavour to their music. Solid beats, dark synths, hipnotic atmospheres and complex effects will make you feel very peculiar emotions.

The EP is completed with 2 strong remixes, by the also french producer Atribút, and the duo based on Zurich LUMME & Miguel

Bach Wrecker :

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