Ahmet Atakan – Hiraeth (snippet)

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Artist: Ahmet Atakan [ @ahmet_atakan ]
Title: Words
Catalog No: Acker Special 007
Format: Digital Single
Barcode: 4250101429507
Release: 2021-06-11

01: Ahmet Atakan – 11 – DEU672101018
02: Ahmet Atakan – December – DEU672101019
03: Ahmet Atakan – Blue Night feat. Alp Mutlu – DEU672101020
04: Ahmet Atakan – Garden Of Memories – DEU672101021
05: Ahmet Atakan – Hiraeth – DEU672101022
06: Ahmet Atakan – Mel feat. Huri – DEU672101023

There’s something distinctly poetic to the sprawling sound collages of Ahmet Atakan, which he arranges around the pounding rhythm of his kickdrum from field recordings and anecdotal samples, piano chords and string entries, the singing of humans and the chanting of machines. He conjures up abstract states of emotion and morphs them playfully into specific thoughts, gracefully mixing up soulful and intelligent vibes. All of this makes his music a perfect match for a good, loud sound system, and also for the catalogue of Acker Special. The six tracks of the Words EP add up to something reminiscent of a mini album – and rumours have it that an extensive remix project is already brewing…


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Karotte | VJ Autopilot & VJ Proximal | All Night Long Extended Set | Harry Klein | Munich (Germany)

Karotte | VJ Autopilot & VJ Proximal | All Night Long Extended Set | Harry Klein | Munich (Germany)
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He captures the sometimes lost art of DJing. Karotte has grown out as one of the main figures of a music scene that’s evolved into a worldwide industry on one hand, but on the other still lacks a fundament in musical knowledge here and there. And that’s where this Frankfurt based DJ comes in. Karotte is the so-called personification of an artist who knows what it’s all about.

Mesmerizing crowds for over twenty years now, bridging distances that have been created between DJ booth and dancefloor, he’s simply stayed true to what a DJ was meant to be decades ago. To be one of the partypeople that is! Meanwhile showcasing a more than unique talent to pick the best records for the moment Karotte simply combines the best of both worlds; enjoying the party as well as creating the soundtrack for it.

Relevant tunes

It’s a music freak gone professional. Since working in the record industry late 90s Karotte has created a flair for handpicking the most special tracks around, a unique sense most industry men would kill for. It gave him advantage on other DJs, always bringing the most relevant tunes to a party. Soon DJ Karotte was the one to guide you through the newest electronic sounds, to hear him play was to stay up to date.

Combined with his typical, elegant mixing technique mister Karotte took things further. There were residencies at the famous Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and Munich’s renowned venue Harry Klein. Meanwhile Karotte also grew out to become a steady force at the world famous Time Warp events, conquering a residency at the Mannheim edition as well as every Time Warp event in Holland and Italy.

And then there’s the long list of clubs and venues where Karotte often more than once made a lasting impression. Fabric London, Weekend Bar and Watergate Berlin, The Womb in Tokyo, Space Ibiza, Goa in Madrid, Studio 80 in Amsterdam to name a few, just as festivals like SonneMondSterne, Awakenings Festival and Extrema Outdoor have welcomed the DJ phenomenon with open arms.


As said, there’s more to Karotte than meets the eye. Don’t expect him to play a gig without getting to know you, the event and its audience. For sure, he’s everybody’s sweetheart, starting with (preferably) a sumptuous dinner party before the event and by the end of the night playing the last records at some mad afterparty. Major raves will get the same treatment as smaller clubs or someone’s living room for that matter –Karotte simply enchants everyone he meets.

Just listen to his weekly radio show at Sunshine Live and you’ll get to know Karotte as the strong personality that he is. Always the center of attention, yes, but at the same time making sure everyone is having a good a time with a crazy sense of humour and undeniable energy. It’s brought him a wide range of friends in every city he’s ever been, he’s the ultimate people person you look for in a DJ.

Whether he’s playing alongside DJ superstars (his performances with Laurent Garnier can be acknowledged as legendary) or young upcoming artists, Karotte is loved by all. And that’s perhaps what made him the headlining artist he is today. Not only delivering music as a longtime professional but bringing along his personality behind the decks, adding an extra dimension to his performance like no-one else does.

What was the expression we used? To hear him play is to stay up to date? Well, there’s more to that. To see him play is to love him. Karotte will crawl under your skin and do more than simply get you dancing, he’ll be your friend forever.

Featuring VJ Autopilot & Proximal.

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URSLCOMP006f I The Cheapers – Inanna



10 is a number that looks very nice. Fresh and friendly it says: „Hey Hello, look, now we are two“ …the 1 and the 0. The binary base of your civilization. Somehow we got the feeling, we should honor this. Why so ever, lets just do it, because it is beautiful, beacuse our music that we record and produce is also just a binary code, transforming over and over again, from our fingers on the synths, from the mic to the mixer, from the mixer into space, back on black plastics or bluetoothing through your walls directly in your ear…and this just because there is a 1 and a 0. This is why we celebrate, to say thank you to these magic numbers. Without these two little friends we would drum our techno with bones in analog caves. Naked. Oh Wait…that sounds great…the URSL Cave Raves. Mmmmh…well we will keep you in the loop on this new project. In the meantime you can listen to some electronic music from Franca, Johnny Da Cruz and The Cheapers.

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PREMIERE: Cioz & T.M.A – Hey Honey [Get Physical]

Artist: Cioz, T.M.A
Title: Hey Honey
Label: Get Physical Music
Cat: GPMCD249
Genre: Melodic House
Release Date: 04/06/2021
Buy Link: https://ift.tt/2RnFfmL

The Body Language album series has been a flagship for the Get Physical label since the mid-noughties, with instalments taken over by Dixon, DJ Hell, Francesco Tristano, DJ T., and many more. Now the label welcomes the excellent Cioz into the hot set. Volume 23 is packed with Cioz remixes, collaborations, and standout singles from the well-regarded and self-taught artist. Some are brand new, some have been teased on EPs in the lead up to the full release, but each one proves he is an artist with an accomplished sound. Cioz hails from Bergamo in Italy and has established a fine reputation on labels like Monaberry and Stil vor Talent. Further collaborations include the bustling drums and fizzing synths of ‘Hey Honey’ with T.M.A, late-night headiness of ‘Haunted’ with Nairobi D, and organic grooves of punchy floor-filler ‘Focus Pocus’ with Boy Oh Boy.

@get-physical-music // @cioz // @tma-official

Enrico Cherbino

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Kenneth Bager – Copenhagen 2021, Vol. 1 (Full Comp) – 0244

Kenneth Bager has compiled the first Copenhagen 2021 compilation this year, featuring exclusive tracks from Laudness, Willie Graff, Darren Eboli.

The compilation is available in all digital stores: https://ift.tt/3g8VbBx

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Kevin Anderson – Ghosted (Basti Grub Remix)

Summer is here and for our 17th release, we come back around to the SoCal playboy Kevin Anderson (Percomaniacs, Desert Hearts) with his debut release “Ghosted” Pack with 4 dance floor groovers including a sexy driving remix by Basti Grub (Crosstown Rebels, Aprapta Music)

Artwork by PLS: Please Learn Something
Mastering by Audio3k Mastering

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PREMIERE : UNDERHER – Dark Fantasy (feat. Johanson) (Super Flu Remix) [IAMHER Records]

About :
PREMIERE : UNDERHER – Dark Fantasy (feat. Johanson) (Super Flu Remix) [IAMHER Records]

This is the second single from UNDERHER from his upcoming album ‘909 & Heartbreaks’.
The single features the beautiful voice of Berlin singer Johanson, also includes two remixes from super star duo Super Flu and rising Russian duo Doyeq.

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Erkin Koray – Deli Kadın (Doruk Rework) [trndmsk]

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Latest edition of our free download series welcomes @dorukmusic. Turkish producer created a rework to Erkin Koray’s “Deli Kadın”.

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