Kollektiv Ost – Shanti (Original Mix)

Shanti originally comes from Sanskrit and means calm or peace. The two guys from Kollektiv Ost find this peace and quiet at the lakes and in the forests in their home in the Mecklenburg Lake District. This calm inspires her to tracks, which even the deeply calm native Mecklenburgers disenchant a benevolent smile, nod their heads and get their legs swinging. Exactly 10 years after the only vinyl release, shanti now appears in full glory on their own label.

Stream or buy here: https://ift.tt/3vHvde1

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Podcast #105 – Kellerkind

Enjoy a new episode of Bar 25 Music Podcast Series!
Crème de la crème mixes from selected electronic musicians representing Berlin and other places of our Planet.

We are delighted to present you our new podcast from Kellerkind who made a very special set including his songs from his latest release!

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Rheinzand – Rheinzand Remixes (Full Album) – 0276

Rheinzand releases their Remix Album, with remixes from Superpitcher, Das Komplex, Borokov Borokov, Skylab, Scorpio Twins, Pete Herbert, Chris Coco, Pete Blaker and In Flagranti. Subscribe for more music for dreams: http://bit.ly/2bIaezU

The remix album is available in all digital stores: https://ift.tt/3zwvjbU

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Tube & Berger, In.deed – Highness (Superlover Remix)

Tube & Berger, In.deed – Highness (Superlover Remix)
OUT NOW: https://ift.tt/3iMC7vI

Tube & Bergers Entourage EP has been one of the most exciting releases from last year after their debut album Introlution back in 2012. All three tracks of the EP now receive new remixes by artists which have been already focused on by the label in the past months. Joeski from NYC, who appeared with his Black Door EP in August 2015 for the first time on Kittball, delivers a cool and groovy Dub of the retro-sounding In The Shadows in the original version with Ante Perry. The melodic original of Reliquia in cooperation with Paji is the basic for the Spanish German Brigante with a smooth and techy transformation in debut. Same from Berlin and the amazing Superlover, who last but not least gives his hands on Highness, with a great Nu-Disco interpretation accentuating the character of the original track together with In.deed.

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Bambi Rambo [at] Garbicz – “Per Anhalter Garbicz 2020” [ Live – Special ]

© artwork by Jim aka Bock&Fuchs ➲ contact ✉ info@bockundfuchs.com

Bambi Rambo presents Per Anhalter Garbicz 2020 [ Live – Special ]

The traditional progression from club warm-up to international talent is a rite of passage for most DJs. But in Chloe’s instance – the opposite is true. She first came to prominence on the global burner festival circuit under her Bambi Rambio alias, making her debut at South Africa’s ‘AfrikaBurn’ in 2017 before going on to perform at Nevada’s ‘Burning Man’ a year later.

She became a staple artist of London’s Burning Man community soon after. Decompression parties and grassroots fundraisers were where she earned her stripes, before honing her craft across the capital’s club circuit in late 2019 at venues such as Mick’s Garage, The Steelyard and many more besides.

These experiences helped mould Bambi’s sound into what it is today. It feels at home in all environments: whether that be an urban warehouse or the ethereal playa of Burning Man. Regardless of the setting, her ethos behind the decks remains the same: to take those listening on a musical journey and deliver a deeply pleasurable experience in the process.

• What are your musical influences?
I Take influence from a variety of things, I love to dig in all directions and collect old songs as well as new ones and to merge genres that would not necessarily belong together and always keep it on the uplifting and energizing side of things. I am mainly into house and deep house these days but had times where I was more into the techno and progressive side of the spectrum. I like to vary and reinvent my sound pallet over time 🙂

What is your musical background?
My upbringing was steeped in musical heritage. I trained as a classical flutist from an early age, opting to drop the instrument for electronic music in my twenties. Such a transition was kind of ingrained in my family heritage – my parents had been creating mixtapes since my childhood, making tracklists from their vinyl collection and then burning them onto CD for home-listening. It has always raised my curiosity and interest in how you really create a whole soundscape from a bunch of tracks 🙂

• What makes good “afterhour”?
A good after hours is all about the enveloppoing and evolving atmosphere. You had already a wild and uplifting party but you are not yet ready to call it a night so you go to an after hour party. And you want to prolong the goodness of the night and for this you need a fun and happy crew and a warm and almost hugging music at first. Then when the sun rises you can go to the meditative type of music and sort of dreamy floaty vibes – like time gets suspended and all. Then slowly as the sun rays get brighter and warmer, you can increase the energy and add more groove and vocals and bring in the audience to dance more and more and basically wake up again for another day of dancing 🙂

• Do you have any thoughts you would like to share about your set?
Starting off on a reinterpretation of a famous French poem “les fleur du mal” this mix then drives on to all dimensions of the holy house music galaxy… 🌌 With accents of deep and cosmic, 80s synths and piano riffs, afro and oriental, the DJ set was played in the famous Polish woods in the summer by Bambi Rambo 🌳🦌. Enjoy the listening journey, wherever you are in the world right now.
Bon Voyage mes amis. 🚀💖

✘ Bambi Rambo
Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/bambi-rambo
insta – https://ift.tt/2KwLn54

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Jonas Saalbach b2b SKALA on tour with Ritter Butzke | at Filmpark Babelsberg

Jonas Saalbach b2b SKALA on tour with Ritter Butzke | at Filmpark Babelsberg
Jonas Saalbach b2b SKALA at Filmpark Babelsberg
Enjoy 😉


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Premiere: Sailor & I, Ruede Hagelstein – The Life That Kills You (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)

This July, Sailor & I proudly presents his new album Diving For Lost Treasure on Get Physical’s exciting sister label METAPHYSICAL. The richly layered 10-track album of grown up indie-dance gems is “for lovers, of all ages, who are keen to explore all sides of life and who even dare enough to Dive For Lost Treasure within themselves.”

Says the artist himself, “This made me pick up my first instrument guitar, which I hadn’t played for years. Releasing a track with only a solo guitar was like going back to where I once started musically and gave me a lot of new perspectives on songwriting and producing. I realised that I had stories to tell that were important for me on a personal level. Making an album with these stories would be the ultimate way to face myself and to deal with the challenges I’ve been through most recently. I believe we managed to create a universe for the songs to exist in, where they can get older and older each year and still be sounding freshly made.”

The album finds the artist really going beyond his own limitations of being both songwriter, producer and artist. A friend Tobias Kampe-Flygare helped Sailor & I finish the productions in his studio in East London so it embodies the energy of three cities it was written in – the sleepless, hungry heart of Berlin, the busy London and the endless light of Scandinavian midsummer that is so special in Stockholm. It was made using old analogue gear with no samples and all instruments were recorded one by one, the traditional way.

We hope you enjoy this track as much as we do.

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