Heimlich Podcast #64 by Käpt’n 12 & Düsentrieb

Wer hätte jemals gedacht, dass 12 Düsen einmal so viel Wirbel machen?!
Ohne lang umher zu schweifen, aber dennoch mit konzentriertem Blick auf die Drehzahl, fliegen wir auf unserem Drachen durch Kometenfelder. Wild durchgewirbelt, prasseln wir durch 12 Zeitzonen, um am Ende wieder da anzukommen, wo wir gestartet sind. Was für ein wilder Ritt war das denn bitte!?

Danke für diese Verwirrung @12imhaus

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In Erinnerung an einen Sommer, den es nie gab…

Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes (Afshin & Alex Finkin Edit)
Chris Rea – Josephine (E-Gerät Edit)
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Dagfest Bassline Edit)
Slove – Ce soir je m’en vais ft. Maud Geffray (Dombrance Remix)
Sono – Keep Control (Petko Turner’s Millenium Edit)
Joutro Mundo – Atlantis
Donna Lewis – I love You (Curtis Balearic Vodka Remix)
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – I’ve had the Time of my Life (Le Sale’s Second Base Edit)
Earth Wind & Fire – September (Lasso’s Refix)
James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream (Cousin Cole Alternate Version)

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HMWL Premiere: Okuma – Basoa (JPattersson Remix) [down.]

While paradise-colored birds chirp from the trees and the moss-green
lianas rustle to the beat of the wind, our boat glides gently down on
the waves of the river. The symphony of the jungle enchants us with
its very own harmony, chaotic and yet perfectly in tune.

Suddenly a pair of shining eyes piles up in the shallows of the water,
followed by a monumental mouth full of crooked, grinning teeth. Amazed
and curious, we recognize the silhouette of a hippopotamus that, with
wobbling ears, tells us to follow its path.

Fascinated by the wild power of nature, we lag behind our new friend,
while we hear a soothing sound from the distance, accompanied by a
tremendous shaking of the earth.

As we slowly get closer to the scenery, we can hardly believe our
eyes: an entire horde of hippos wiggles their hips up and down to the
mesmerizing sound of a trumpet. Moved by this sight, we thank our
friend and let ourselves carry away by the music.

The story above describes quite well the feelings we had in mind,
while we first listened to the two tracks of the sympathetic swiss duo
@okuma-sounds. It was clear to us, that an EP had to be the result of
this experience.

@moonsvoyagerlive, @jpattersson, @kermesselive and @kusht-music
complement this tale with their beautiful interpretations. We want to
thank all artists involved in this great release as well as Kilian Van
de Water for the refreshing artwork and @haunted_water for the smooth

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Dancehall Fusion #13: Uproot Andy

Dancehall Fusion mix 13 this time with Brooklyn-based notorious DJ and producer Uproot Andy. We first came across Andy’s work through his Red Bull Radio show Bien Buena, alongside Riobamba. Currently member of the Canada-based Moonshine collective, Uproot Andy has been a staple music activist in the scene for over a decade.

Freshly back from a tour in Colombia, he managed to deliver a special condensed selection of dancehall-(up)rooted tracks, in anticipation to his set at La Gravière. In this mix, he explores different and lesser known styles of dancehall in different languages to examine how early reggaeton has criss-crossed with afrobeats, and reggae to produce original new sounds in places like Kenya, Martinique and Mauritius.

Get ready for an outernational journey exposing the worldwide influences of dancehall!

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Andhim Mix for Higher Ground Radio (SiriusXM / Diplo’s Revolution)

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