Chris Wayfarer – Chroma EP

Chris Wayfarer is back on Colour in Music with an EP that once again shows his versatility and musicality. The Chroma EP features three original cuts as well as remixes by Nick Neimann and Mike Novatt.

The title track “Chroma” takes us on a more mystic journey with dubbed out stabs, ghostly pads and strings and a gently evolving lead that wraps itself nicely around the pounding, percussion heavy beat.

Nick Neimanns remix strips “Chroma” down to its bare essence, taking a few original chords and the lead while adding heavily modulated pads and a minimalistic house groove to boot.

The Mike Novatt remix of “Chroma” turns the moody original into a more uplifting chugger, with prominent afro percussion and a heavy clap at the centre of the groove, and an array of swirling synth flourishes that set the mood for the peak of the track.

On “Together”, Chris Wayfarer Teams up with Sebastian Klein to create a deep and sensual broken beat track that pairs jazzy drums with playful Keyboard melodies and lush brass stabs.

“Hello Little One” takes on an almost ethereal approach, with a broken 4-to-the-floor beat, wide-eyed piano chords, eerie leads and a filtered synth arpeggio that rises and falls like ocean waves.

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