Penner+Muder – Gernika [Snippet]

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Penner+Muder are best known for their releases on Moodmusic, where they have been churning out quality tunage for well over a decade. They have been dubbed the original odd couple of German Deep House because of their differences in terms of musical backgrounds as well as appearance. In this case opposites don’t only attract, they also make for a great sound as you will hear on this full-length album, which we are thrilled to be releasing on Suol.
‘The Long-Awaited Comeback’ is a journey through P+M’s sonic universe. We can’t go into detail on each of the 12 tracks in this little write-up, but just looking at some of the gems on this longplayer, there is deepness and lightness, melancholy and joy, softness and toughness, with both organic and electronic elements.
There is so much to discover here, whether it’s the solemn guitars and pianos on ’Gernika’, the opener, or the carefree interplay of Rhodes and vocals on ‘Heart And Sold’ as well as the funky bass lines dancing around classic drum machine grooves on ‘Feeling Down’.
At times, Penner+Muder delve into depths bordering on Deep Techno without ever losing the overall feeling of positivity. We are taken on epic rides by tracks like ‘69 Minutes’ with its floating delays, goosebump harmonies and massive bass frequencies, modulated to perfection.
There are nods to Chicago as well as Detroit, such as the grooves and distorted vocals of ‘24 Hour Ticket’, reminiscent of techno pioneers like Model 500.
This might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

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