Elli Altenberger presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 022

Elli Altenberger (https://ift.tt/3gogDAL) presents United We Rise Podcast Nr. 022

🗯🗯 How Did Corona change your artist life? 🗯🗯

For me it was probably a little bit different than with other artists. I have the big luck that I am not financially dependend on DJing, which is great and I want to keep it that way.

Other than that … it is probably similar.

The reason I started DJing is because I love sharing my music, making people happy and making them dance. I really miss playing on a good soundsystem with people dancing and screaming. It is the best feeling ever to share a moment like this.

🗯🗯 Where did you record the mix and how did you feel? 🗯🗯

I recorded the mix at my friend’s house- with my cousin also listening.

I loved it. My friends know I am also very excited to play for 2 people and I get nervous a lot. It is exciting stuff. Sharing your favorite tracks, opening up to people, sharing your current mood with them. I am not the one who talks a lot but rather make them listen in a different way. It was great – they said they liked it… so I sent it in. It’s always a good decision to trust your best friends.

🗯🗯 What are your wishes for the time after Corona? 🗯🗯

First of all I hope as many artists, light technicians, cleaning crews, bartenders and so on… that mainly work in clubs, bars or festivals can survive.

Many clubs already had to close, even more people lost their jobs, and most importantly their existence. Often they worked all their life to be able to support them and their family, doing what they love.

This Corona time also showed me how important clubs and partys are for LGBTQI+ people as it is not just a place to drink and hang out, it is a safe space for many people just like me. It is system-relevant. !!

I just hope that the one’s remaining won’t give up and be able to share love, inklusion, appreciation and just a good night out again.
Of course I will hope everything will go „back to normal“. Let’s just hope this is possible one day.


1.) Riders On the Summer- BRYZ
2.) Church Lady (feat Danil Wright) – Dennis Ferrer
3.)The Never Ending Groove-Sweely
4.)This is Between Me and You -Sweely
5.)Beauty is Random – Sweely
6.)PPPPP(Diva mix)-youANDme
7.)About this (ICS Remix)- Arkady ANtsyrev
8.)Brighter Days feat Dajae (Underground Goodie Mix)-Cajamere
9.)I’m not defeated, Pt. II -Honey Dijon’s Undefeated Dub
10.)Pain au Chocolat – Black Loops
11.)Catch The Beat feat. Cakes Da Killa (Original Mix)- Honey Dijon, Cakes Da Killa
12.)New Jack Nation (Click Click’s Stripped Back Remix)-Dole & Kom

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Lisbird 🐈 KATER BLAU Garten 🧡 Tutti d’amore

Platz da für tutti d*amore!
Es war am Freitag, der 14. August, da riefen mich die Katzen und Kater herunter von meinen every-day-normal-bird Flugrunden über Berlins Dächer.
Und erzählten mir:
Das wird der Sommer des Straßentheaters, der Gauklerlieder, der Wanderoper auf dem Jahrmarkt 2020!

– okay; dachte ich. Und verkomplizte mich für einen gemeinsamen Abend mit den fauchenden Tatzenwesen, um selbst ein Ständchen zu spielen aber viel mehr um dem Berliner Kollektiv für zeitgenössische Oper*ette tutti d*amore zu lauschen, zu bestaunen und zu bejubeln.
MORE TUTTI D’AMORE: www.tuttidamore.de

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PREMIERE: Joeski, Miguel Lobo — Hook Me Up feat. Shyam P (Matthias Tanzmann Remix) [Moon Harbour]

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Käpt’n 12 & Düsentrieb are Magicians On Duty

Welcome back to the Magician On Duty Podcast Series!

On this edition we welcome Käpt’n 12 & Düsentrieb

They are part of the Kollektiv Fuchsbau & Journey to Tarab , and have played major festivals in Germany & Austria and more. They shared decks with the likes of Acid Pauli, Stephan Bodzin and many more.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as i did!

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