Aerosol – das Musical (Titelsong: “Alexander Kekulé”)

Dies ist der erste Entwurfs des Titelsongs “Alexander Kekulé” aus dem zur Zeit in Entstehung befindlichsen Musical “Aerosol – das Musical” (Arbeitstitel).

Grundidee (Auszug): Der Protagonist, der sympathische Virologe Alexander Kekulé (vgl. Simba aus “Lion King), kämpft gegen seinen bösen Widersacher Dr. Christian Drosten (vg. Scar aus “Lion King”). Das Musical wird ausschließlich von Weißen gesungen, aber in “afrikanischer” Tracht (vgl. “Lion King”). Einige Darsteller sind mit dem Corona-Virus infiziert, stehen auf der Bühne ohne Mundschutz und singen sehr nah an den Zuschauern dran. Hieraus ergibt sich ein spektakulär immersives Musicalerlebnis (vgl. “Blue Man Group”). Die Zuschauer sind TEIL des Musicals bzw. der Pandemie.

Work in Progress! COPYRIGHT JAN BÖHMERMANN (c) 2020

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Avikal & Max Bertolesi – Persistance Of Time (Original Mix)

Avikal & Max Bertolesi – Persistance Of Time (Original Mix)

Heinz Music

Avikal ::

Max Bertolesi ::

Heinz Music ::

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Claude VonStroke & Marc Houle – Fly Guy [DIRTYBIRD]

Claude VonStroke & Marc Houle have known each other for over 25 years; Claude growing up in Detroit and Marc just across the river in Windsor. Trading software and sample CDs with each other, music was the foundation of their friendship. While they never really made music together until now, both went on individual journeys and each has achieved the highest level of success in their genre.

“Fly Guy” is the new collaboration between old friends. Marc sent over an old file that Claude loved, but they both realized it needed to be updated to 2020. The track references back to an older, funkier techno vibe they both love, while updating the production and adding a couple of winks in the process. It’s the ideal combination of Marc’s stripped-down, propelling techno brain and the production funk of Claude. Clearly, you can hear the influence of their early days in the midwest reflected throughout.

To compliment the collaboration and to lend further support of longtime friendship, Claude also a remix of Marc’s “Arizona” from his 2020 artist album, “No One Knows”, that originally came out on his home label Item & Things for a b-side banger.

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Ryan Elliott Essential Mix BBC Radio 1 (May 16, 2020)

1. Levon Vincent – Back To The Grind [Novel Sound]
2. DJ Jes – Fight The Feeling [Immigrant]
3. Callisto – Can’t Wait [Guidance]
4. Drivetrain – Get Up [Soiree Records]
5. Omar – Benefit (Kai Alce Instrumental / Elliott Edit) [People Of Earth]
6. The Dance Federation – New Generation (Mikey James Mix) [Obsessive House]
7. Arkajo – Tape 17 [Arkajo]
8. Bruce Ivery – Lulu [Grimy Trax]
9. Biemsix – Chemistry (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Symbolism]
10. Unknown Artist – Ma Wonder [VWV]
11. Schatrax – Dancin’ [Schatrax]
12. G.O.D. – Shake It Up (Evan Baggs Edit) [Nice ’N’ Ripe]
13. DJ Rush – Freaks On Hubbard [Pro-Jex]
14. Ultra Nate – Found A Cure (Mood II Rascal Search Dub / Elliott Edit) [Strictly Rhythm]
15. Fix – You’re Mine [Clubstitute]
16. Oni Ayhun – OAR004-A (Elliott Edit) [Oni Ayhun]
17. Marcel Dettmann – Del2 [Unreleased]
18. Abuser – Abuser 02-B1 [Abuser]
19. John Tejada – Antithesis (Steve Rachmad Remix) [Sino]
20. Slagmann – Phase 9 [Talismann]
21. Smokey Bubblin B – Be Real [Four40]
22. Manix – Pull Up Tune (Elliott Edit) [Reinforced]
23. Mr. G – Bands Tight [RSD]
24. Wishdokta – Bannana Sausage (Joy Orbison Edit) [Kickin]
25. Lovelace, Kemi & Amox – Copencabana [MIS]
26. Seb Vontobel – Strong [Explicit]
27. The Dance Federation – I Believe (Mikey James Raw Mix) [Obsessive House]
28. Sultans Of Sound – Perish [Absolut]
29. The Specialist – Diffusion [Makin’ Madd]
30. Falcon Black Ops – Nine [Unknown To The Unknown]
31. Fjaak – Breath [Fjaak]
32. Inverted Reality – This Is Real, Understand [Unreleased]
33. Gary Martin – Berlisque (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Teknotika]
34. Terry Francis & Ricardo Afonso – Rhythm Spirit [Hallucination Ltd]
35. Laid – Punch Up (Wozsonik Vokz Remix) [Syam]
36. Ryan Elliott – Get To You [Faith Beat]
37. LB Dub Corp – We Are Going Home [Mote Evolver]
38. Schatrax – Coral [Schatrax]
39. Ebende – Bang! [Aniara]

When I first started DJ-ing I was influenced most by the music of my hometown. But second to that, I was obsessed with UK dance music and club culture. I bought every DJ magazine. I listened to every Essential Mix. So when I found out I was going to do the mix, I wanted to put a special focus at certain points on UK dance music – because after all this is for Radio 1.

It was important to me to create a peak time club set because that is what I’m missing most right now. I wanted to give a snapshot of what you would hear if you heard me in a club today – all the different styles of dance music mixed together.

I only call out 4 “Elliott Edits” in the tracklist because those are the ones I changed the most and have played many times in clubs. But actually every track on this mix is edited. Like putting together a puzzle except you can change the shape of the pieces slightly to tell a smoother, more concise, story.

In the “Mix CD” days, DJ’s approached a mix with the same amount of time and effort as an album. When I do a mix like this (or my Panorama Mix, or my Fabric CD) I hold myself to those same standards, and I hope you can hear that within.

Thank you for listening,

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Fejká – “Endless Twilight” for RAMBALKOSHE

How are you? No, seriously, how are you? Do you feel the way you thought you would feel a month ago, or do you not feel good at all, but realize there’s no other option? Maybe you hadn’t imagined anything in the first place but now you wish you had, or you feel neither good nor bad as those two words can’t really describe the way you feel. What is the thing that has changed but which you would rather keep the same way, and vice versa? What have you been missing the most from your life from before the pandemic and what will you never ever miss again? What has lost its meaning and what has acquired a new one? What have you decided to do once the lockdown is lifted for good, and when and where will you travel to when the planes start to fly again? How pleasant have these days been for you, or to what extent do you think they should never have occurred in the first place? There are always more questions than answers but everything seems a little mixed up right now. Anyway, today’s is the last Monday of spring, and we are publishing @fejka’s set, the 83rd out of 100 mixes that will be created for the “homard” project, which we hope to unveil to the world next year.

illustration by: Khoren Matevosyan

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