Panomara Bar 2020

Zusammenallein schaffen wir es durch die Krise.

Corona – Rhythm of the Night (Digital Ocean Survivors ACC 2000 Injection)
Tonbe & Rescobar – You can do it
Falco – Zu viel Hitze (Chimpanzee’s Edit)
Prince – Controversy (Discotron Remix)
Simple Minds – Don’t you forget about me (Rayko Club Re-Edit)
Painel de Controle – Black Coco (Nala Edit)
Tabu Ley Rochereau – Hafi Deo (Adult Instruments & Linntronix Edit)
James Booth – Roller Chrome
Axel F – (Knight Horse Remix)
Francis Bebey – Guine (Turbotito Edit)
Earth Wind & Fire – September (Lasso’s Refix)
Steve Wonder – Superstition (Sylow Remix)
GF & TFF – The Message (mikeandtess Edit)
Brooklyn Dream – Street Man (OOFT! Edit)
Candi Staton – Young Hearts Run Free (Ian Ossia’s Downtown Disco Edit)

Wir hoffen, wir können diese Krise alle zusaMMen solidarisch überstehen und das Mensch Meier braucht dafür eure Unterstützung! Wenn ihr direkt unter die Arme greifen wollt, könnt ihr gerne mit einer Spende auf der Vereinskonto unterstützen:

Tatendrang e.V.
IBAN: DE87 1005 0000 0190 2617 57

Mensch Meier ist unsere zweite zu Hause. Dafür setzen wir uns ein!

Mit viele Liebe,

10 Mark DJ Team

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Nathan Fake – Blizzards

Nathan Fake will release his 5th studio album on 3rd April, returning to his own Cambria Instruments label. 

Using a deliberately restricted hardware setup and recording most of the tracks in a single take, Blizzards dives straight into the eye of the storm for a turbulent 11-track package. 

The title – a partial nod to the tumultuousness of British politics – but equally apt at describing Nathan’s cyclical melodic leads, serves as a visual cue to accompany each track. Glistening nodes are spun into geometric oddities before spiralling through frantic rhythmic frameworks, from the radiant layers of ‘Pentiamonds’ to the dissonant delirium of ‘Stepping Stone’. Beginning with the intention of “soundtracking the ideal rave”, Blizzards borrows heavily from Nathan’s approach to his live show, capturing unadulterated moments of creative insight to form microscopically detailed aesthetic statements. 

Whilst the lush melodies he is known for are central to the album, there is also a heavy dose of experimentation, expanding on the familiar sonic palette of his earlier work. For every warm synth and resolved cadence there is an atonal spiral and gritty distortion lurking around the corner.

As might also be expected of his music, polyrhythms feature throughout, sometimes taking on a life of their own but always providing a precise percussive grounding for melodies to weave in and out of. The effects of this are at times disorienting, at others psychedelic, but always intriguing, owing to the influences of early rave and IDM as much as folklorism and spirituality. 

Norfolk born and bred, Nathan’s first encounters with electronic music came via the radio, hearing the likes of Aphex Twin and Orbital, and reading about the equipment that they used in magazines. This was the stimulus for him to buy some gear and begin his own sonic experiments and, linking with James Holden in 2003, Nathan’s early output came via his fledgling Border Community label. His debut album “Drowning In A Sea Of Love” (2006) was a triumphant record, drawing a rapturous reception from the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian and Mixmag. Recording two further albums for Border Community, “Hard Islands” (2009) and “Steam Days” (2012), with ‘Providence’ arriving on Ninja Tune in 2017. The release of Blizzards will be followed by tour dates of his live club show across the UK and Europe throughout 2020.


  1. 01. Cry Me A Blizzard
  2. 02. Tbilisi
  3. 03. Pentiamonds
  4. 04. Stepping Stone
  5. 05. Ezekiel
  6. 06. North Brink
  7. 07. Vectra
  8. 08. Firmament
  9. 09. Torch Song
  10. 10. Eris & Dysnomia
  11. 11. Vitesse
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The Second One

The Second one

I thought that writing a song about you
would make me feel better.
But no, this is the second one
and now i’m not that clever

I can’t sleep with the thought of you in my head
When will this be over?
I swear I won’t do a thing until you come to me
Just stay here or set me free

The feeling of us incomplete
Are you dead? Am I blind? We don’t see
Touching you is just like a daydream
See you on a dark night? Maybe

This is the second one.

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Hidden Spheres – 1985

Hidden Spheres is the alter ego of Manchester’s Tom Harris, who first made his mark on the underground circuit with his release ‘The Bloos’ on Moods & Grooves, before following it up with the much in demand ‘Waiting’ on Lobster Theremin offshoot Distant Hawaii.

Here, Tom joins the Scissor & Thread family, the Brooklyn label founded by Francis Harris, and home to music that traverses a number of boundaries. Hidden Spheres fits right in – the five track 1985 EP blends house, broken beat, ambient, jazz and other elements into a heady brew.

‘King Tut’ starts proceedings, a laid back jazzy groove, rich in textures and soulful flourishes.

‘My Names’ touches on the UK broken beat legacy of 4 Hero and Bugz in the Attic – an off kilter groove layered with sweet jazz and house inflected licks.

‘Karl’ is a much more direct dancefloor track, albeit with the deepness that we expect from Hidden Spheres.The penultimate track ‘1985’ steps into the unconventional house vibes of Detroit’s third wave.

‘Soon We’ll’ finishes up the EP – a supremely jazzy piece built around the sax, piano and washes of strings and ambient elements – a superb closer for a deep and heartfelt release.

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Heimlich Podcast #50 by Gina Sabatini

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Gemütlich und gemächlich schallt es aus dem Speaker.
Mit Superleckerlis im Gepäck verpasst uns Gina eine gediegene Schelle nach der Anderen. Geflasht von den sanften, akustischen Backpfeiffen, spacen wir völlig weg und fühlen uns wie am Ostende auf der Slowereastside. Wem das noch nicht genug ist, kann gerne noch ne Afterhour mit dran hängen, passt nämlich vom Sound her.

Danke @gina-sabatini <3

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Opening set for Artbat at Soho Garden Dxb

Our weekly residency at Soho Garden. We would like to share this set we played right before Artbat – Thursday March 5 2020
here is the Tracklist
Voodoo (Original Mix) – Bedouin
Mostly Blue (Original mix) – Manolo Bronson & Zoka
Gidafi Na feat. Tesfit Asgodom (Original Mix)- Kino Todo
On The Back Of A Serpent (Original Mix)- Kincaid
Grace (Original Mix)- Patrice Baumel
People in the City (Original Mix) – Nicone, Enda Gallery
Receiver (Original Mix) – Patrice Baumel
Into The Dark (Hannes Bieger Remix) -Spalamp
The Sun Rises In The East (Sasse Stripped Dub)- Chopstick & Johnjon
Redrago ( Original Mix) – Redrago
Chiral(Original Mix)- Nondo
See The Light (Anturage & Alexey Union Remix) – Betoko & Marc DePulse
Music Control (Original Mix)- Spacefood
Spirit Base (Gorge Remix)- Ken Hayakawa & T Raum

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Piotr Bejnar & Oskar Szafraniec – You Must Share

This is only a promotional copy. Find more info about the release on Connaisseur Recordings profiles:

Label info:

Every few years we receive a demo from Poland which makes us speechless. The first was Pol_On, the next Tanzlife & ID Ensemble and now Piotr Bejnar and Oskar Szafraniec. Piotr is an eccentric figure in Warsaw’s electronic music scene and the man behind the tasteful labels Otake Records and 2529KM, while Oskar resides in Berlin, where cooperations with Ricardo Villalobos and Pier Bucci have given him plenty of attention, showcasing his versatile productions on several prestigious labels.

For their Connaisseur debut, the two talents locked themselves into the studio for several days, creating an impressive output for this short amount of time. From their demo, we picked the four tracks which fascinated us most. The final result is a two part release, each consisting of two tracks, which will be released with an in-between gap of two weeks.

“Sleepless Days“ has a more classic house approach with plenty of live played instruments, while “Sleepless Nights“ goes deeper and adds a slighty more techno twist to the productions.

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Balance Selections 121: Gui Boratto

For more info:

If you had to choose just one driving force behind the rise of Brazilian electronic music in the past 15 years, it would be difficult to look beyond the genius of Gui Boratto. A pioneer in the art of production and live performance, Boratto is at the heart of the electronic scene in Brazil with an influence that reaches across the globe.
With 5 full-length albums to his name, frequent high-profile remix and production credits – Massive Attack, Bomb the Bass, Pet Shop Boys, Goldfrapp, Moby, Paul Simon amongst others – and an innovative live show that sees him tour iconic venues across the globe each year, Boratto has firmly established himself as Brazil’s biggest electronic music export.

And, on a more serious note, we recognize that with the constantly changing Coronavirus situation around the world, this is an unprecedented time of uncertainty for everyone, but, there is one thing that is for certain, and that is, the music will not stop…
During this time of social distancing, we continue to spread good vibes, and positivity through music, and, you have our commitment in providing you with the very best artists that electronic scene has to offer…

So, for now, take care, kick back, and enjoy this exclusive live set from Gui Boratto…

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