“Western Stil by DoubleCase”

“Western Stil by DoubleCase”

6 Monate lang habe ich mein “Alter Ego”, mein lieblings Alias, DoubleCase ruhen lassen. Ein halbes Jahr war defintiv genug Zeit um neue Tracks zu finden, einmal mehr ein Intro zu ersinnen und in sehnsüchtiger Vorfreude auf das nachfolgende, knapp zweistündige Deep Tech Set zu schwelgen.
110% für Konception, den Saloon und für Euch.
Falls Du dich jetzt fragst wenn oder was ich meine, frag nach dem Typ mit dunkelblauem KataHaifisch Shirt und Cowboyhut.

Live aus dem Saloon @ Konception – Zuckerbrot&Peitsche
Artwork by Finn Coi <3 Euer Case

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Picked Sound: A Story About Me

There was a time, where I felt Alone. Without knowing why I felt that, I tried to Escape. Escapes which almost lead me into Madness. In the end it was about Seeking for something, whatever that might be. Then I met Eva. She was the best mirror I have ever had. She left her Traces. More than ever I have been much closer to what some of you may call the Truth. This is A Story About Me.

All funds raised through the sales of the album will be donated to the Mudita Foundation, which is giving educational support to abandoned and orphaned kids in Myanmar.

For more information about the Project visit their homepage: muditafoundation.de

To learn more about the concept of the album and the story behind, please visit: amselcom.de/florian-rietze-trac…terview-background/

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Picked Sound: PREMIERE Søren Laga – Kumera [Radikon]

Release Title: Radikon Compilation – Reto II
Artist: Søren Laga (https://ift.tt/2GxKlRF)
Label: Radikon (https://ift.tt/2FsE4vx )
Catalogue No.: Rdkn08
Release-Date: 29.11.2019

Buy Link: https://ift.tt/2O9kOpg

Radikon’s annual Reto compilation celebrates its second edition with catalogue number 008. It’s been a year full of ecstatic highs and grueling lows, but most of all, great electronic music. Reto II is dedicated to everyone – fans, artists and collaborators – that helped make Radikon’s inaugural journey a year to remember. Reto II features 10 Tracks by Radikon veterans and newcomers alike. Returning artists include label heads Jonas Saalbach and Guzy, Dahu, Tony Casanova, Soren Laga, Foreign Guest, Yubik and Yuven. Radikon is also proud to welcome several debut artists to the label. Copenhagen’s Baime, Cologne’s youlaike and Berlin native Matthias Schuell offer up astounding compositions and are welcome additions to the growing Radikon family. From our home base at Funkhaus Berlin our profoundest thanks for a great first year, and may there be many more to come!

✘ Søren Laga (Cologne // Germany)

✘ Radikon (Berlin // Germany)

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