Picked Sound: Hannes Bieger – HOW I MET THE BASS #163

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Q: Talking about your mix: How did these super early tracks shape your career and how did you find your way into Electronic Music once?

A: Of course you are not aware of this at the moment, but in hindsight you begin to see the common thread. I think there is a straight line in my mix, leading from the first track into the last one. Like probably anyone, I had to leave out a lot of stuff – the dead end streets and side roads. But I think my mix reflects very well my musical journey from my younger self, sitting whole afternoons in front of the record player at six years old, flipping my father’s Pink Floyd and Beatles vinyls over and over again – until today, looking back on a long career as a musician, mix engineer and producer already. Take „Cirrus Minor“ by Pink Floyd, the first track of my mix. At first glance it’s an acoustic guitar ballad, but then you notice the several layers of bird sound tape loops in the intro, how they open up the reverb send on the first line of the chorus, and the way they used the organ, which later seamlessly transitioned into using synthesizers. To me, in a way, this is electronic music already – and although I could not put my finger on all the details yet when I was 6, I definitely noticed there was something special about the sound of these records. At 10 I started playing electric guitar, and from the beginning I was just as interested in the way it sounded, as I was into what I was playing. This was inseparable for me practically since day one. [read full answer on our Facebook page]

Q: Besides playing as a live-act you are mastering and mix enginieer, producer, teacher. A musician all over. How would you describe your place in the electronic music world?

A: Well, this sums it up nicely already. And ultimately I think it’s up to others to answer this question. I have been wearing so many different hats in the 20 years I am doing this now that I’d like to think I have adopted a fairly holistic view of things. I think ultimately my goal is to try and make music that can stand the test of time. The wheel is turning so fast these days. Maybe I’m not so much the guy to produce DJ tools, I always aim for something that is more of a song, a story, a journey. It is important for me to point out that I am still learning and searching, trying to develop. The more you know, the more you know what you don’t know. There still is a universe out there waiting to be explored. For years I have tried to avoid becoming part of a certain scene, being pinned down to a narrow section of what I was doing. I guess I can say that I am really feeling at home now with the labels I am affiliated with, with the artist I collaborate with etc. – and I am proud to be part of a scene that is open, inclusive and international, happy to feel the unifying force of music every day.

Q: Which exciting projects are you currently working on?

A: I am further developing my live set, and I have just completed a couple releases slated for 2020, including my first full album I am releasing as „Hannes Bieger“ – it’s coming in spring on Awesome Soundwave, a fairly new label run by Carl Cox and Christopher Coe. It’s a bit more experimental than my latest releases, and I can’t wait to share it. The only vocalist featured on the album is Ursula Rucker. I have been admiring her for many, many years, and the first track where I ever heard her voice is also included in this mix: „Loveless“ by 4hero. There is a story coming full circle here, over 20 years after this record came out I am fortunate enough to finally also work with her!

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