Picked Sound: Laxberger @ Fusion Festival 2019 – Tanzwüste [Saturday 5-7]

Thank you so much Fusion Festival!
This is my recording from saturday morning on Tanzwüste from 5:00 – 7:00.
I’m still shaking when i think back to this magical morning & I had the time of my life leaving the messy world of thoughts behind and dance with you! You all are so enchanting, beautiful human beings and it was lovely to see all of you dancing and smiling <3 Thanks to Rotzige Beatz for creating this unbelievable Floor, thanks to Mehr is Mehr for handing over such a nice crowd, thanks to the Sound- & Light-Engeneers doing perfect work, thanks to Asja & Eule for the possibility, thanks to Matthias and Micha for the best Stagemangement i could wish for, thanks to the Ketoga-Family and all my Friends for the Groundsupport and big thanks to my Brother Daniel for just Everything <3 Much love to all of you!! Thanks so much for dancing to the Sunrise on the beautifulest Place on Earth. Tanzwüste <3 see you soon 🙂

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